NPB Security is WA’s standout security service because we go further to keep you safe.

NPB Security – Our story

In 2010, Scott Parry and David Barrett felt certain Perth’s security industry was poised for a shake-up – and they were ready to deliver it.

They both had broad experience working across the spectrum of Perth’s security industry.

Over a cold beer, they discussed their idea. They wanted to offer security services that would improve the customer experience at hospitality and entertainment venues.

They also believed they could use technology to increase transparency and accountability across all security services. From asset protection to site security, mobile patrols or retail security, new technology would deliver a superior service.

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‘Perth was experiencing unprecedented growth and the entertainment scene was evolving, but the security industry wasn’t keeping up

We saw a chance to offer a more contemporary security service that was all about enhancing the customer experience and raising industry standards.’

SCOTT PARRY | Director

David and Scott launched NPB Security and set about turning their ideas into reality. Their first step was to establish the company values of integrity, quality and responsibility, which continue to underpin their operating principles:

SAFE WITH US - become an industry-leading security service, where our clients’ people, brand reputation and assets are always ‘Safe With Us’.

PEOPLE FIRST - build a workforce committed to outstanding customer service. Our specialised customer service training – developed in conjunction with the Australian Hotels Association (AHA) – is completed by every team member.

EMPLOYER OF CHOICE - provide the type of workplace, environment, ethics and culture where our people will be inspired, stimulated and proud to be a part of our organisation.

LEADERS NOT FOLLOWERS - earn a reputation for innovation and thought leadership within the security services industry. Research and invest in the latest, most sophisticated equipment to ensure we deliver the best outcomes for our clients.

‘We won contracts with a diverse range of established businesses that required us to deliver a diverse range of security services.

Working with organisations like Peet, Adventure World and Little Creatures allowed us to prove we were more than just the new kid on the block.

We didn’t only do things differently – we did things better – and our reputation grew along with our client base.’

David Barrett | Director
David Barrett

From change drivers to award winners

In 2013, we won the prestigious Telstra Business Award for WA Start Up.

Today, NPB Security is a multi-award-winning business that continues to grow and push boundaries to offer superior service.

We provide security for over 105 of Perth’s hottest bars and clubs as well as WA’s largest events and venues, including Optus Stadium.

In conjunction with the AHA, we’ve developed our own specialised customer service training for our workforce of over 1,075 security professionals.

Our diverse team performs a range of security services in different industries in Perth and across WA. From construction sites to mine sites – retail centres to public buildings – your people, assets and reputation are safe with us.

David and Scott continue to drive NPB Security to innovate Perth’s security services and ensure continuous improvement across the industry.

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Why we’re different

The days of ‘muscle for hire’ are long gone and we’re proud to have been at the forefront of driving that change.

Since our inception in 2010, we’ve made you and your customers our priority. We match our team with yours, so your customers feel welcome and reassured by our presence.

Our professional and discreet security service integrates seamlessly with your venue’s team to support a great experience your clients will rave about.

When we’re engaged in community or commercial security roles, our presence is much more visible to increase confidence and deter criminal activity.

We’re also ISO accredited. This means we’ve invested in our systems and processes to ensure we consistently provide you with the highest standards in WA’s security sector.

Highly trained means highly effective

When you work with any member of the NPB Security team, you’ll soon discover what makes us the best choice for WA security services.

As thought leaders in WA’s security sector, we’re always looking at innovative ways to provide a better standard of service that delivers you more value.

We actively support our team’s professional development by providing ongoing access to paid training and new technology – that’s why you are safe with us.

We’re award-winning specialists in protecting people, assets and brand reputations. From risk assessment and mitigation to crowd control or site security, when you choose NPB Security, you’re choosing peace of mind.

The right fit for your business – every time

Since our 2010 launch, we’ve developed a highly skilled workforce of over 1,077 smart people trained in and equipped with smart technology.

We can easily assess who has the best skills and attributes for your job. Whether you need friendly, capable crowd controllers; visible, helpful onsite retail security; or complete mine site protection services – we know who to send.

They’ll fit right in with your work environment and perform to the highest standards. So, you can tick security off your to-do list and free up your time and energy for other tasks.

Our client base is as diverse as our workforce

We’re the first choice for many of Perth’s high-profile business, sporting, hospitality and entertainment venues, including Perth’s largest venue, Optus Stadium.

We also work with government agencies and private commercial businesses across Perth and regional areas of Western Australia.

When you work with us, we help you grow your reputation for delivering safe, enjoyable experiences at your venues, so your customers keep coming back.

We help you provide a workplace where your people can do their jobs safely – free from security concerns or interruptions. We also protect your essential assets to ensure your business avoids losses and continues to operate smoothly.

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Your community is our community

NPB is proud to be a locally owned and operated WA business. As our business has grown in reputation, capability and size, our commitment to supporting our community has grown with us.

Directors Scott Parry and David Barrett share a deep concern about the problems people suffer as a consequence of homelessness. They work with charities such as United Care West and Fremantle’s St Patrick’s to support people in Perth who are homeless.

‘Everyone defines success differently, but for us, it’s about being able to give someone less fortunate a hand up. As we move forward with our business, we want to help bring our community with us.’

David Barrett | Director
David Barrett

‘We both feel strongly about supporting people in WA experiencing the many struggles of homelessness. Donating food or time and helping out where we can – say for the Christmas meal – they’re just some of the ways we give back to our community.’

Scott Parry | Director
Scott Parry

Growing Grassroots Sports

NPB Security is committed to growing grassroots sports in the WA community. Both Scott and Dave are avid sports fans and believe activities like boxing and Muay Thai deserve support and attention.

We’re proud to have supported Ignition ‘Grass Roots’ Pro Muay Thai since its inception.
This regular competition for young Western Australian athletes is run in Perth by Muay Thai Australia’s National president, Peter Boyd.

Based around the grassroots of Muay Thai, it’s a family-orientated event hosted on high school grounds.

We sponsor this event and supply security staff to help the day go smoothly. Over the years, a number of NPB Security’s team have also been competitors.