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After-Hours Assistance For Resort Guests


In 2016, Seashells Scarborough in Perth was looking for a new company to manage their after-hours reception requirements by providing reliable assistance to their guests.

They needed a company they could trust to support the full range of guest enquiries from room access or air conditioning controls to security concerns.


NPB Security has a reputation for providing a comprehensive after-hours service. We protect your reputation and reassure guests that their concerns are being addressed, even when reception is closed.

When we took over after-hours support for Seashells Scarborough in June 2016, we introduced a dedicated, local answering service. That means there is always someone available to respond quickly to guest enquiries after hours.

Staff and guests have a consistent point of contact if they need assistance with anything – from questions about their accommodation features to noise complaints.


Being locally based in Perth means we can send one of our mobile patrols to the resort. So, if a guest is concerned about security or a disturbance, they can contact us for practical assistance as well as reassurance.

Calls from Seashells Scarborough are given priority, so we can respond quickly and efficiently when guests need on-site support. By delivering outstanding customer care, we also protect the resort’s reputation.

Since engaging NPB Security, Seashells Scarborough has had an after-hours service they can trust to care for their guests on their behalf.

They don’t need to operate reception 24/7 because our local team reassures and supports their guests by responding quickly and appropriately when they need help.

We’ve answered a lot of guest questions since 2016. So, we’ve been able to help Seashells Scarborough expand the FAQ section in their guest manual. It’s just another way we support them and their guests.

I have worked with NPB Security for several years on a number of our projects. They are a reliable and honest service provider. I have appreciated their innovation over the years with the introduction of new technology into their security services. Their service has continually evolved with the times and provided us the very best outcomes.’



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