Groundwater Treatment Plant Gatehouse Security | NPB Security

Water Corp Site Fully Secured During Water Tank Roof Replacement


When West Force Construction was engaged to replace the tank roof at the Water Corporation’s Neerabup Groundwater Treatment Plant, they approached NPB Security.

West Force needed an experienced security team capable of protecting the plant’s assets and managing the large number of subcontractors visiting the site.

With an available workforce of over 1,000 people, NPB Security was able to put a team together for the Water Corporation site.


NPB established a gatehouse at the site entrance and commenced a range of duties, including:

– Managing entry and exit points for the site to support the OHS requirements

– Checking each person arriving to ensure they are authorised to enter site

– Breathalysing every person prior to entering the site – drivers and passengers

– Refusing entry to any person blowing over zero when breathalysed and reporting to site management

– Asset protection – security presence to deter theft or damage on site


West Force and the Water Corp are able to rely on NPB Security to ensure entry to the plant is adequately monitored.

Their OHS standards are being supported with daily breathalysing for all site visitors, and their assets are being protected.

‘Since utilising NPB Security’s services to provide guards for our construction sites, on-site theft and vandalism to our equipment has ceased. Their online reporting system has been essential for tracking who is accessing our sites after hours and tracking the movement of equipment and materials. I highly recommend NPB.’



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