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Making A Difference With Mobile Patrols


When NPB Security launched in 2010, the state was undergoing a growth spurt. Peet Ltd was developing land for much-needed housing.

Unfortunately, in the early stages of establishing a new land development, a site can be quite isolated, leaving it vulnerable to criminal activity.


Peet Ltd was concerned about site security at all their developments. They needed help to provide asset protection, reduce construction site theft and keep their display homes secure.

But they also wanted to create an enhanced living environment for people residing in their communities by providing a heightened level of care.

They turned to NPB Security for professional assistance.

We completed a vulnerability assessment for Peet Ltd. This assessment helped us determine the extent of their exposure to risk so we could develop a plan to give them the best protection possible. We then introduced a range of site security measures to reduce or eliminate criminal activity like construction site theft or asset vandalism.


We established a highly visible presence with guards in mobile patrols and on the ground at Peet Ltd’s development sites. Our skilled team members were equipped with technology such as cameras to capture and share photos of illegal activity.

We also used GPS locators to pinpoint areas that required attention from the Peet Ltd team or the police. And we were also able to upload reports in real time to help the team at Peet Ltd respond quickly.

To assist in creating safer, more secure Peet Ltd neighbourhoods, we instigated regular mobile patrols. Residents could call us if they needed support with incidents like excessive noise, large gatherings or any situation where they felt under duress. Our patrol guards were also able to report back to Peet Ltd if they discovered maintenance issues like broken streetlights, damage to street furniture or bus stops.

Since we started working with Peet Ltd, we’ve helped protect their land developments, display homes and communities from Burns Beach to Baldivis.

We’ve provided real-time reporting and photographic evidence that’s enabled Peet Ltd to request help from the police to successfully prosecute offenders. Our mobile patrols have reduced incidents of theft and damage on site and at display homes.

We’ve also supported Peet Ltd community residents, giving them greater peace of mind by helping them feel safe and secure at home.

I have worked with NPB Security for several years on a number of our projects. They are a reliable and honest service provider. I have appreciated their innovation over the years with the introduction of new technology into their security services. Their service has continually evolved with the times and provided us the very best outcomes.’



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