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Building Security That Goes Further


In 2019, NPB was awarded the contract for a major Perth building. The occupants were in the process of taking possession of their brand-new premises.

Initially, our role included assistance in locating any issues with the building concerning security, faults or safety. We were engaged to protect the building 24/7 and ensure all security features were installed and completed to the highest possible standards.


As with all new building handovers, there were inspections and assessments to complete. Our digital reporting system was ideal for identifying, recording and tracking items that needed replacing, repairs or maintenance. It streamlined the process as we were able to compile reports in real time and send them straight to the builder for action.

Once all building security systems were satisfactorily completed, our role transitioned to providing ongoing daytime security and concierge services for the occupants.


We provide a highly visible security team with the flexibility to assist with a range of security and building concierge tasks, including:

– coordinating logistics and deliveries
– private event security
– visitor management – meeting, greeting and recording building visitors at reception
– issuing security access cards
– OHS activities like fire drills or emergency evacuations
– escorting staff to their vehicles
– dealing with unwanted visitors
– retail security
– monitoring or reviewing building CCTV footage and reporting on suspicious incidents
– regular reporting
– managing media access

We set up a dedicated phone number and email address so all building occupants needing assistance can call or email us direct.

We also have systems in place to control media access to the premises and ensure the building’s occupants are shielded from unwanted media scrutiny.

Our mobile security patrols are the first to respond at night if the building’s alarm is triggered or suspicious behaviour is reported. Should the building need securing, we have the capacity to place a security guard there until morning.

When requested, mobile patrols also perform welfare checks on employees working after hours to ensure they feel safe and supported.

NPB Security has worked diligently to ensure the building and its occupants are secure, protected and supported by our team. Our clients trust us to meet their security and concierge needs – they feel confident they’re safe with us.

NPB provide our jewellery stores in Claremont and Perth City security guards during our peak periods and when we host an event. Their guards are always impeccably presented and in line with our brand. NPB ensure our staff feel safe in their workplace and our valuable jewellery is secure.



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