Providing Crowd Control for Marlin Group | NPB Security

Just One More Reason Patrons Return Again And Again


Marlin Group own and operate a range of Perth hospitality venues including Mustang Bar, The Left Bank, Universal Bar, Northbridge Brewing Company and Whitfords Brewing Company.


They were looking for a security company that could provide personnel who were much more than muscle for hire. They needed professionals who suited the ambience of each establishment, knew how to enhance the customer experience, and protected their brand – not just their venue.

They could see that NPB Security were driving change in Perth’s security industry and they decided to engage our services.

We made sure our uniforms were flexible, so our crowd controllers were dressed to suit the character of each specific venue. In some places a highly visible presence was a necessity, whereas in others an understated presence was essential.


All of our team underwent specific training to ensure they understood how to add to the customer experience in a hospitality setting. They were encouraged to get to know the menu or entertainment schedule for a venue so they could respond to questions from patrons. By adding to the customer experience, they enhanced the reputation and popularity of each venue, which helped grow the business.

NPB Security was an ideal match for Marlin Group as we offered exactly what they were seeking. Our aim was to provide security professionals that set a new standard in crowd control and, today, our reputation as industry leaders is well established.

We have worked with Marlin Group for over 8 years and continue to go beyond crowd control. We actively contribute to the fantastic customer experience they provide in every venue.

What sets NPB apart from other security providers we have utilised is their ability to work closely with us to deliver a service that complements our business. NPB are effective at what they do while adding to a patron’s experience, rather than detracting from it. They go the extra mile to provide us with quality staff who understand the atmosphere we are seeking to maintain.’


The 3 best words to describe NPB Security are: QUALITY, COMMUNICATION AND FUN!



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