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Regular Ruckus Disrupted By Strong Security Presence


A Perth property manager for a local retail centre began receiving complaints from its tenants. They reported feeling unsafe due to a particular group of adolescents regularly causing a ruckus inside the centre.


While it’s normal for retail centres to attract teenagers outside school hours, this particular group was visiting the centre specifically to cause trouble. Their activities were worrying the centre’s tenants and disrupting their customers, so the property manager knew she needed specialist help to resolve the issue.

The property manager approached NPB Security with a specific end goal. She needed help from security professionals with the experience and expertise to deter juveniles from coming to the centre to participate in anti-social behaviour. The ability to de-escalate the situation calmly but firmly was paramount. She believed NPB Security was the best option to overcome the problem.

Our goal was to restore a sense of calm to the retail centre, so the tenants felt they and their businesses were safe and secure. We allocated a team of extremely experienced guards capable of de-escalating volatile situations.


We maintained a highly visible presence throughout the retail centre, which served the dual purpose of reassuring tenants and shoppers while deterring bad behaviour. Our use of technology meant the property manager was kept regularly updated about activities within the centre via online reports.

Within a few weeks, the group of adolescents had ceased its activities at the retail centre. Tenants were thrilled with the results, as was the property manager. She engaged NPB Security to provide ongoing security for the retail centre.

We now deliver a range of retail security services that keep the centre’s tenants and their customers feeling safe and secure. From on-site security to loss prevention, asset protection, mobile patrols, building security and staff protection – they know they’re safe with us.

NPB provide our jewellery stores in Claremont and Perth City security guards during our peak periods and when we host an event. Their guards are always impeccably presented and in line with our brand. NPB ensure our staff feel safe in their workplace and our valuable jewellery is secure.



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