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On-Site Crime Drops Dramatically


In 2017, on-site theft and vandalism to equipment was an ongoing problem for Perth Building and Maintenance on their construction sites. Despite taking different measures themselves to manage the issue, they hadn’t managed to bring it under control.


They turned to NPB Security for a solution to this costly problem.

NPB Security visited the sites and met with the management team. We conducted a vulnerability assessment, so we could advise on the best action to reduce incidents of on-site crime.

We recommended the introduction of 24-hour on-site security personnel to monitor who was entering and leaving the construction sites. An on-site team has the ability to respond to any unusual activity swiftly.

Our guards always wear uniforms, so we are a highly visible presence, which is a powerful deterrent for anyone considering criminal activity.

We introduced technology to capture suspicious activities and share them electronically, complete with a report, so the company could instantly review the situation.


Our presence deterred any further criminal activity and all incidents of on-site theft or vandalism have ceased.

The management team have peace of mind that their assets are safe. They are no longer spending time and money investigating incidents and making insurance claims. And costly downtime waiting for repairs or replacements has been greatly reduced.

‘Since utilising NPB Security’s services to provide guards for our construction sites, on-site theft and vandalism to our equipment has ceased. Their online reporting system has been essential for tracking who is accessing our sites after hours and tracking the movement of equipment and materials. I highly recommend NPB.’



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