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Highly trained personnel for your Crowd Control requirements

Crowd Control is the controlling of a crowd to prevent or stop the outbreak of disorder and or potential incidents. While most people will think of crowd controllers as someone who escorts disruptive patrons or guests from a premises, NPB Security Australia believe our Crowd Control Personnel are much more. NPB Security Australia Crowd Controllers are;

- The face of your establishment or event, therefore visually presenting a professional image.
- Providers of information, having the ability to direct guests or patrons to the facilities such as a public phone, toilet, bank teller or knowing the events schedule.
- Customer service and public relations orientated.
- Capable of ensuring compliance with Capacity and Fire regulations
- Friendly, welcoming and skilled communicators.
- Highly trained to ensure the safety and well being of staff and patrons.

All NPB Security Australia personnel hold a current Western Australian crowd controllers licence. Every licence holder has had a background check by the Police before being issued with a licence. To ensure NPB personnel have the skills to deal with the needs of Crowd Controlling, we are dedicated to our on going training program. The extra skills our personnel posses make them the best equipped crowd controllers available in the industry. Our training program consists of;

- Certificate 2 of Security Operations
- Current First Aid Certificate
- Nationally Recognised RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) Certificate
- Open Handed Techniques in Removal of Patrons From a Premises
- Self Defence Techniques Certificate
- Tactical Negotiations Training

No matter how small or large, NPB Security Australia cater for all our clients crowd controlling needs. In the past this has included;

- Private Parties
- Corporate Events
- Sporting Events
- Concerts
- Night Clubs / Bars

Dont risk the safety of your staff and patrons. Click the button below to contact NPB Security Australia for a quote.