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Reliable, professional, Western Australian Licensed Security Guards

Static guards or security guards are used to protect property, assets and people. In most cases just having a guard on site can be enough of a deterrent for perpetrators. NPB Guards offer much more than just being a visual deterrent. Our guards will observe and report on areas that are not necessarily directly related to security as well as duties such as:

- Inspection to identify maintenance issues.
- Respond to client and patron enquires.
- Supervise site security system and emergency alarms.
- Respond to emergencies.
- Screening patrons.
- Building lock up and closings.

All NPB Security Australia personnel hold a current Western Australian security officer licence. Every licence holder has had a background check by the Police before being issued with a licence. NPB Security Australia static/security guards also under go additional training to improve their skill set. NPB are dedicated to our specially tailored on going training program. The extra skills our personnel posses make them the best equipped static/security officers available in the industry. Our training program consists of;

- Certificate 2 of Security Operations.
- Current First Aid Certificate.
- Nationally Recognised RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) Certificate.
- Open Handed Techniques in Removal of Patrons From a Premises.
- Self Defence Techniques Certificate.
- Tactical Negotiations Training.

No matter how small or large, NPB Security Australia cater for all our clients security needs. In the past this has included;

- Concierge duties
- Chemists
- Work Sites
- Shopping Centres
- Banks

Protect your property, assets and people. Click the button below to contact NPB Security Australia for a quote.