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David Barrett

In 2010, when David Barrett co-founded NPB security with his mate Scott Parry, they had over 14 years’ combined security industry experience.

A career in the security industry wasn’t on David’s radar when he took a casual crowd controller job over 17 years ago. He was running a photography business and studying architecture part-time at university.

‘I wanted some extra income – I had no idea I would become fascinated by security operations. Eventually, I left university, sold my photography business and focused on building a career in security services.’

From casual to game-changer

David progressed from security officer roles to a variety of management positions. He often coordinated large teams of security personnel at events with crowds in excess of 350,000.

‘I gained expertise in security event planning, crowd management planning and the implementation of those plans for stadiums and entertainment venues across Perth. I also managed security operations on event day.’

When the small bar scene began taking off, ‘old school muscle’ wasn’t compatible with these venues. The owners wanted smart, capable security personnel who could work with their staff to create an enjoyable, safe experience their patrons would love. NPB Security provided the solution they were looking for.

‘Scott and I had similar skillsets and experience. We also shared a vision for NPB Security that led us to launch the company.’

Driving continuous improvement

David enjoys exploring strategies to continually innovate and improve the business and the industry.
In recent years, NPB Security has also become a trusted name in retail, construction and mine site security – both David and Scott are committed to growing this side of the business.

Away from the challenges of running a multi-award-winning security business, David’s favourite activity is spending time with his family. He also has a range of diverse interests that include grassroots boxing, travelling, rugby union, exotic cars, architecture and design, technology, baseball, and softball.

He and Scott both love to barbeque. They share and compare each other’s creations but it’s debatable who wears the barbeque crown – unless you ask David of course!

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