December 2020 - NPB Security | Perth Security Guards, Mobile Patrol and Crowd Control

What can security do to protect a mine site

Why security is critical on mine sites

On-site security and around-the-clock mobile patrols protect and secure the people, environment and assets of mining operations in an environment that can be remote and potentially dangerous. It is a challenging environment for security – the large scale combined with the variety of tasks to be carried out often makes it logistically challenging to ensure the constant guarding of assets and safety of staff.

Outsourcing a professional and experienced security company can make a huge difference to the efficiency of mining production and offer peace-of-mind. NPB Security looks at your company and provides both a specific and holistic approach to your needs, including the use of smart technology, on-site security and around-the-clock mobile patrols.

Mobile Patrols

Some mines can be surrounded by dangerous explosives while also being home to many fly-in fly-out workers. It is imperative the protection of some of the most precious assets in the world, along with high-quality every day machinery used to mine gold, copper and iron ore are watched at all times. If there happens to be theft on site it can lead to a drop in production and even the company’s shares, hence the need for high-end protection. NPB Security has more than a decade of experience guarding mine sites, particularly with mobile patrols. These vehicles are highly visible and able to cover large distances at any time of day or night. Having a security guard in a patrol vehicle is a very time effective and efficient way to ensure your site is covered. They are also fitted with in-car cameras for the recording of any suspicious activity and enable real-time reporting.

On-Site Security

There is often a large influx of people coming and going from mine sites, particularly workers. It can be useful to have a physical guard at a number of crucial points of your operation, to ensure only verified people are given access. Body cameras can also be worn by security guards to capture any illegal behaviour or unwanted visitors at your business and then supplied to your team or the police quickly.

Security are also able to facilitate drug and alcohol screenings when required and produce a timely digital report.

Responding to alarms

 With workers already experiencing long shifts and more often than not being away from their family and friends, security is able to offer a fast response to triggered alarms. If a call out is required, the guards are trained to search the premises to make sure there is no imminent threat to the safety of staff and production. If there are trespassers, then NPB Security staff are skilled and able to diffuse the situation. With the use of smart technology, instant reports can be sent that include images, video footage and GPS tracking locations.

The unique needs of each mine-site can be met by the services provided by a trusted security company to ensure your precious assets and staff are protected and monitored as requested.

NPB Security in high demand as mandatory contact tracing launches

NPB Security Guards are often the first interaction many customers will experience when they visit a pub or bar in Perth – with demand for their presence increasing as all WA venues are required to keep a resister of staff and patrons from December 5.

This will enable a quick response should there be an outbreak of coronavirus, as patron details will be recorded manually on pen and paper or digitally, by the recently launched “Safe WA” app.

NPB Security Director, David Barrett, said patrons can expect the first few weeks of the mandatory contract tracing to be chaotic.

“Many of our clients have requested an additional security guard to be present, both mid-week and weekends,” Mr Barrett said.

“The coming weeks will be a frenzy and patrons can expect lines to be much longer than usual – so prepare ahead and allow plenty of time no matter what venue you attend.

“In March there was also the need for contact tracing, and what we found was using technology was much more time consuming than the traditional pen and paper – but we hope once people have used the app a few times it will become the new norm.

“At NPB Security, all our employees will have access to an online information training session, so they are familiar with the new requirements.”

Businesses face hefty fines of up to 12 months’ prison and $50,000 for individuals, and $250,000 for a body corporate if they fail to comply. NPB Security are here to support businesses and ensure all staff and patrons are cooperative and kept safe during these times.