NPB Security to keep watch at some of Perth’s highly anticipated events

NPB Security were at the frontline of holiday-period festivities and is looking forward to a number of upcoming sporting matches and events, including Fringe World Festival.

“Perth Scorchers have been playing well this season at Optus Stadium, and we are happy to make sure all fans have a safe and enjoyable experience,” said NPB Security Director, Scott Parry.

“Our professional guards will also be across a variety of venues when Fringe World Festival ignites later this month.”

The busy events period comes off the back of a highly demanding festive season, which saw people flocking to venues for Christmas parties and end of work drinks. Mr Parry said many venue owners experienced exceptionally high patronage, as well as the added pressure of mandatory contact tracing. The NPB Security team were ready to support venues and staff during this time.

“Not only were there more people out and about this festive season because international and some national borders are closed, business owners were also subject to new laws that require them to trace every person who enters the venue,” Mr Parry said.

“We are proud to be helping local businesses ensure they are doing their part in the fight against COVID-19, which also gives patrons piece of mind.”

Mr Parry added that it is a privilege being one of the only places in the world that has the freedom to gather at pubs, nightclubs, sporting arenas and even music festivals. NPB Security will continue to work hard to keep all patrons safe as we enter 2021.

What can security do to protect a mine site

Why security is critical on mine sites

On-site security and around-the-clock mobile patrols protect and secure the people, environment and assets of mining operations in an environment that can be remote and potentially dangerous. It is a challenging environment for security – the large scale combined with the variety of tasks to be carried out often makes it logistically challenging to ensure the constant guarding of assets and safety of staff.

Outsourcing a professional and experienced security company can make a huge difference to the efficiency of mining production and offer peace-of-mind. NPB Security looks at your company and provides both a specific and holistic approach to your needs, including the use of smart technology, on-site security and around-the-clock mobile patrols.

Mobile Patrols

Some mines can be surrounded by dangerous explosives while also being home to many fly-in fly-out workers. It is imperative the protection of some of the most precious assets in the world, along with high-quality every day machinery used to mine gold, copper and iron ore are watched at all times. If there happens to be theft on site it can lead to a drop in production and even the company’s shares, hence the need for high-end protection. NPB Security has more than a decade of experience guarding mine sites, particularly with mobile patrols. These vehicles are highly visible and able to cover large distances at any time of day or night. Having a security guard in a patrol vehicle is a very time effective and efficient way to ensure your site is covered. They are also fitted with in-car cameras for the recording of any suspicious activity and enable real-time reporting.

On-Site Security

There is often a large influx of people coming and going from mine sites, particularly workers. It can be useful to have a physical guard at a number of crucial points of your operation, to ensure only verified people are given access. Body cameras can also be worn by security guards to capture any illegal behaviour or unwanted visitors at your business and then supplied to your team or the police quickly.

Security are also able to facilitate drug and alcohol screenings when required and produce a timely digital report.

Responding to alarms

 With workers already experiencing long shifts and more often than not being away from their family and friends, security is able to offer a fast response to triggered alarms. If a call out is required, the guards are trained to search the premises to make sure there is no imminent threat to the safety of staff and production. If there are trespassers, then NPB Security staff are skilled and able to diffuse the situation. With the use of smart technology, instant reports can be sent that include images, video footage and GPS tracking locations.

The unique needs of each mine-site can be met by the services provided by a trusted security company to ensure your precious assets and staff are protected and monitored as requested.

NPB Security in High Demand as Mandatory Contact Tracing Launches

NPB Security Guards are often the first interaction many customers will experience when they visit a pub or bar in Perth – with demand for their presence increasing as all WA venues are required to keep a resister of staff and patrons from December 5.

This will enable a quick response should there be an outbreak of coronavirus, as patron details will be recorded manually on pen and paper or digitally, by the recently launched “Safe WA” app.

NPB Security Director, David Barrett, said patrons can expect the first few weeks of the mandatory contract tracing to be chaotic.

“Many of our clients have requested an additional security guard to be present, both mid-week and weekends,” Mr Barrett said.

“The coming weeks will be a frenzy and patrons can expect lines to be much longer than usual – so prepare ahead and allow plenty of time no matter what venue you attend.

“In March there was also the need for contact tracing, and what we found was using technology was much more time consuming than the traditional pen and paper – but we hope once people have used the app a few times it will become the new norm.

“At NPB Security, all our employees will have access to an online information training session, so they are familiar with the new requirements.”

Businesses face hefty fines of up to 12 months’ prison and $50,000 for individuals, and $250,000 for a body corporate if they fail to comply. NPB Security are here to support businesses and ensure all staff and patrons are cooperative and kept safe during these times.


Three benefits of around-the-clock security patrols at your construction site

Mobile Patrols

Effective deterrent for theft & vandalism

The mere presence of a security guard can be a strong deterrent for vandalism and other criminal activity, particularly on large construction sites which tend to attract unwelcome visitors late at night.

But it’s not just guards who prevent intruders; the authoritative branding on patrol vehicles heightens the visibility of security and reminds would-be criminals someone is watching and willing to act at all times. Just as we all triple check our speed limit when we see a police car, those about to deface a property will think twice when they see a commanding security patrol car.

Cost-effective solution

A mobile security guard maintaining a watchful eye over valuable infrastructure assets can be much more cost-effective than traditional stand-alone guards. Trusted with covering vast and complex sites, one patrol guard in a vehicle can equal up to 10 stand-alone guards.

In the long term, guards in patrol vehicles have the ability to cover more ground and can therefore save developers and construction companies substantial costs, especially when your provider is capable of giving you more than just security – such as taking care of calling for repairs if damage has occurred on your behalf so it can be resolved as soon as possible. NPB Security are also able to ensure all generators are running on site and can even refuel them, preventing the need for a member of your staff to be on site. We can also arrange shifts so guards are present at specific times to let contractors in and supervise as needed.

Live updates & reporting

Having worked with clients in the industry since our inception, we have a wealth of knowledge of the risks and challenges associated with patrolling sites. Once we understand your specific concerns and harness a stream of data from our state-of the-art software, we can share insights into how our services are most effective on your site.

Our vehicles are fitted with in-car cameras, so If there is some form of intrusion or damage our guards can capture and record incidents as they happen. With the state-of-the art technology at the core of our business – these updates are shared in real time with clients.

For example, NPB have a highly visible presence across a number of Peet Ltd’s development sites, offering a multi-pronged approach with mobile patrols and on the ground guards. Peet receive reports anytime damage or graffiti occurs at work sites, which include images, video and GPS location so it can be easily shared within the organisation. This style of reporting also allows Peet to inform the maintenance team easily to ensure damages can be rectified in a timely manner.

Overall, the mobile security patrols offer customers who have a large construction site or business peace of mind that someone is watching their assets and making sure staff are protected. As a result, there is mitigation of damage and the costs associated.

Protecting the newest family friendly venue in the Swan Valley

Entrusted by the recently opened Bailey Brewing Co. that spans across 3.8 hectares, NPB security will keep a watchful eye over guests and staff.

The venue has opened its doors just in time for summer and boasts a family friendly environment – choosing NPB Security due to their professionalism and ability to accommodate the upmarket clientele.

Bailey Brewing Co. General Manager, Tony Williamson, praised the way NPB manage their customers in an appropriate and professional way.

“For us at Bailey Brewing Co. it is about customer service and customer experience, and NPB add value to what we offer our customers.”

“NPB’s customer service is beyond reproach in regard to how they speak to customers and sometimes disappointed customers that have not made a booking.”

“I would recommend to others to hire NPB Security as it is an all-in approach for customer service – not just security,” Mr. Williamson said.

NPB Security are pleased to be offering their expertise to the team at Bailey Brewing Co. and we look forward to seeing you and your family there soon!

4 Reasons Your Business Should Hire A Security Guard

We are living in a very uncertain economic climate and with everything involved in running a business, sometimes safety and security can slip the mind of management. However, there are huge benefits to having the presence of a security officer either on site at your business during operations, or monitoring the premises after hours. Not only will on-site security ensure your business and assets are safe, it also contributes to a better customer experience.

Still not sure if on-site security is necessary for your business? Here are our top four reasons to consider hiring a security firm.

  1. Reduction of theft and vandalism

Whether a business is seeking to protect retail assets or equipment on a construction site, or minimise graffiti and vandalism, we know that the presence of a security guard is a very strong deterrent for people looking to steal or deface property. Managers and staff are likely busy attending to customers and focused on making sales, so the attendance of a trained guard offers an extra set of eyes and ears. Our security personnel are constantly on watch for suspicious behaviour and are trained to act immediately and operate in a professional way if they notice something out of the ordinary.

NPB Security can offer a digital record of all site data, showcasing how many thefts or incidents have been stopped, and how much money we have in turn saved for each client. For example, one of NPB’s shopping centre customers chose to not have guards at their centre for a period of 6 months. During this time, they experienced an increase in crime and damage to the building, and in turn their insurance costs increased. The customer has now returned to us, with theft and vandalism activity lowered along with their insurance overheads.

If your company is worried about a building or construction site being vandalised after hours, then a mobile patrol can be of great benefit. A mobile service means guards are able to cover large areas in a vehicle and can spot check if they suspect an incident is happening or has already occurred. We employ high-end technology to alert clients to the movement of each guard on site via GPS tracking. We can also capture videos and images to send to clients immediately once they notice something has happened, to support incident reporting.

  1. Improved customer service and staff support

It is no secret that a good experience at a venue will mean customers are left happy and more likely to return. Whether at a retail venue, event, or on a mine site, security guards are often the first point of contact and interaction for staff or customers, so creating a positive experience is essential. At NPB we ensure all of our guards complete Australian Hotels Association recognised training in customer service, meaning every customer or staff member will be greeted by polite, professional and authoritative guards who go above and beyond to deliver great service.

An on-site security presence is important for businesses that have customers or staff members leaving a venue late at night and walking to vehicles. Security guards are able to provide great customer service for businesses to ensure their employees and guests are protected and get home safely.

Trained security guards are also able to act as first responders in an emergency situation, with training in how to operate Automatic External Defibrillator equipment and how to perform potentially life-saving CPR. This provides an extra layer of reassurance that your staff and customers are in safe hands.

  1. Rapid response to issues

Alarm systems can act as a good deterrent for criminals, and in this day and age most companies have them installed. However, an alarm only works well if someone responds to it. An on-site security presence can provide an immediate response to an alarm being triggered, checking and securing a premises quickly and effectively. If damage has occurred, NPB Security can provide real-time updates, and assist with arranging immediate short-term repairs to windows and doors until more permanent repairs can be completed. This professional and prompt response allows operations to return to normal as soon as possible, reducing profits lost.

An on-site security presence can also assist after hours with phone calls, taking enquiries for maintenance, or assisting customers with information and venue access – at hotels, for example – at any hour of the night, so staff can get the rest they need.

  1. Organised record keeping

To be as efficient as possible and reduce the amount of paper used within a workplace, security firms are able to update clients on incidents, locations and any other requested information in a digital format. For instance, NPB Security employs a state-of-the-art digital reporting system developed over more than 10 years of experience. This system not only leads to better transparency – giving customers the ability to track guards’ movements on their property via GPS – but also offering real-time information and accurate incident reports in an easy to read format.

A new element of NPB’s digital system is data collation, which allows customers who have multiple venues in one area to receive access to trends that are occurring on a weekly or monthly basis across all premises. This facilitates more effective business decision-making for things such as how many security personnel to hire on particular nights.

There you have it – our top four factors to keep in mind when deciding if you need to hire a security guard for your business. Overall, security is a great investment and can help protect not only your staff, but also ensure your assets are safe.

How demand has increased for Security Guards and Crowd Controllers in WA despite COVID-19.

There has been a huge influx of patrons to hospitality venues throughout Perth hotspots, leading to an increase in demand for security services. Since Western Australia eased lockdown restrictions and bars and restaurants re-opened to the public, NPB Security’s average working hours have slightly increased. This is mainly due to customers flocking to venues throughout Fremantle, Northbridge and the Perth CBD earlier to beat long lines.

The hospitality sector is thriving from more people spending their cash locally. While fewer people are allowed in the venues due to capacity limits, they are often spending a higher amount per person, instead of saving their pennies to spend interstate or overseas.

One of NPB Security clients, Universal Bar co-owner Trevor Candido, said the NPB team are always professional and have been extremely helpful during COVID-19.

“The level of compliance is a lot higher than usual on a number of fronts and controlling the queue outside is more of an issue as we have restricted numbers inside the venue and social distancing is required,” Mr Candido said.

“We have also seen our patrons spending around 15% more each when they visit us, I think this is mainly due people being unable to travel outside Western Australia.”

“NPB Security guards have great presentation, the company is very organised, making our lives a lot easier knowing things will be taken care of in a professional manner.”

“Their team also send us digital copies of the required COVID-19 hygiene and Responsible Service of Alcohol certificates, which alleviates piles of paper.”

“NPB’s digital reports are also a huge advantage and we look forward to seeing what is next for NPB Security,” added Mr Candido.

Incident reports have increased in recent months, however this is in proportion with the higher number of customers within a venue.

What will be interesting for clients in the coming weeks is NPB’s new integrated digital reporting software which will be able to reveal industry trends. For example, those who own multiple venues in an area will have access better insights to assist them to make viable business decisions.


*Universal Bar is Perth’s most awarded live entertainment venue.
Without a doubt Northbridge’s most iconic bar, the Universal Bar at 221 William Street has been the home of live entertainment in Perth for 20 years. Open Wednesday to Sunday, the bar features some of Perth’s top bands, best cocktails and great times in an intimate setting. Interested in holding a function? Check out their website!

NPB Security are all hands-on deck at Perth’s newest floating events space

The maiden voyage of the highly anticipated Raft Perth was smooth sailing, with a who’s who list of socialites and media soaking up the atmosphere under the discreet and professional watch of NPB Security.

Working closely together before the big day, NPB Security joined forces with The Raft team to create a bespoke security plan and procedures to deliver a seamless experience for guests.

The Raft Perth Director, Dan Chrystal, said NPB Security understands the needs of hospitality operators and has the ability to adapt quickly.

“We also want to create a WA feel on the barge and NPB Security do just that, being a locally grown business themselves,” Dan added.

“There is a great mix of guards at NPB Security that can cater for all types of events, which is extremely important for us as we host anything from a Sunday session to high-end weddings.

“David and Scott from NPB Security have made us feel really comfortable as we start a new business and we can trust that the best job will always be carried out.”

NPB Security are delighted to be on-board The Raft Perth and look forward to being part of many more successful voyages.

Book your next event on The Raft Perth –

Why Adding To The Customer Experience Is More Important Than Ever.

It doesn’t matter the event type or venue, we can all remember an instance when someone has gone ‘above and beyond’ to make our time memorable. As a director of a security business for more than a decade now, I know firsthand how important it is to provide the best possible customer service and support, and how critical these factors are to survival for our clients-.

Why is it worth investing in customer experience?

Regardless of what industry a business operates in there are always opportunities for customer interaction, and first impressions really matter. As many people can attest to, a positive first impression has long-lasting effects, leading to a strong and loyal customer base.

When it comes to security for your business, the impression our employees have on your venue or retail outlet is crucial. Often security guards are the first and last interaction your customers will have when they are at a bar, event, retail outlet, etc. so it is vital that the customer experience element is unprecedented.

At NPB Security it is clear that customer experience and matching the right person for the job are important for our clients. We have received great feedback from a number of our clients and also the general public about how we made a positive difference. This in turn has led to our clients returning to us again and again or referring us to others because they trust we can provide the best service possible.

This is also backed up by research which suggests that 86 per cent of customers are willing to pay more if it means they receive a better overall experience. It’s worth investing time and money in well trained staff, processes and technology as tools to help your business retain clients and increase revenue in the long term.

How can you achieve exceptional customer experience?

Our view at NPB Security is that delivering excellent customer experiences is a long-term investment in our business. It starts with our team: we invest in our people because they’re working on the front line for a wide range of venues and businesses and in turn our clients are appreciative of the exceptional level of service they provide.

Our people, like yours, have the ability to do and share things that can enhance the relationships we have with clients. Because we recognise this, we ensure that every one of our team members is trained in a course we designed specifically for our company with the Australian Hotel Association. This is an investment that may seem nonsensical to some people, given the multitude of courses already on the market, however we believe that our business is unique, and we want to ensure that the customer experiences we provide are just as unique and special.

When you invest in your people and their training, don’t forget the basics:

– Watch out for those small moments where you can make someone feel special.
For example, a young colleague of mine at NPB Security received praise after he helped an elderly lady down the stairs of a venue while he was on duty. It didn’t take anything more than the initiative and awareness to jump in and help – something he learned at training.

– Make sure the first interaction you have with a customer is a positive one.
It makes a huge difference if there is a smile on your face and you have a professional visual appearance. Once again, security officers are imperative to the overall experience patrons have at an event or venue because they are often the first person a customer will mingle with.

– Always let the patron have their say.
This applies regardless of whether the input they want to share is positive or negative. Offering a listening ear despite the circumstances will make a huge difference to the experience customers have and often security guards are able to voice concerns and feedback to the venue or business they are working for.

How can you tell if the customer experience you provide is excellent?

– It might be obvious, but the best way to understand if your company has the experience ‘x-factor’ is to ask! Whether it’s a follow-up email or an old-fashioned phone call, ask your clients to share their feedback on the customers experiences your organisation and staff provide. This might not be something you’re inclined to do, but it can go a long way – remember, everyone likes to have their say.

– Whether it’s your company’s Facebook page or a Google review, the digital space is many people’s modern go-to for sharing their experiences. It’s important to respond publicly to feedback online – whether negative or positive – to demonstrate that you care about your customers’ experiences and the reputation of your business.

– It’s important to know what your staff think about the customer experiences your business provides – at the end of the day they’re the ones delivering these experiences. If your people are happy, enjoy their work environment and are well trained, that will radiate into good customer service.

The path to great customer experiences is worth the financial investment, with research revealing that it costs about five times more to attract new clients than to retain existing ones. On average, research suggests that 70 per cent of satisfied customers and clients will return to use your service again!

Since implementing our tailored customer experience training at NPB Security, we have noticed a considerable increase in positive feedback from our clients and the general public. If you’re at all unsure about the standards of service you’re providing to customers and clients, I strongly recommend you look at some avenues to gain better insights that can inform positive changes – a step in the right direction that no business will regret.




Three Things You Should Expect From Your Security Firm in The Digital Age

We live in a world where technology can tell us virtually anything – from who’s at the front door to when we can expect a delivery to arrive. When it comes to knowing how your security firm is protecting your business, you should expect the same level of personalised information in real time.

As a Director at one of Perth’s most trusted security providers, I know the sector in great detail. In my opinion, there are three key things that clients should seek from their security services provider in the digital age.

Customised digital reporting systems

It’s hard to believe that it was once the norm to print out documents, hand-write sensitive information and begin the slow process of faxing clients ‘immediate’ updates. Fortunately, technology has improved significantly, and we can now expect the paperwork we send and receive to be far more time efficient and secure.

At NPB we recognise the important role technology plays in the security space. More than a decade ago, we started building an integrated digital reporting system to provide our clients with an easy onboarding system and customised reports. For example a client can provide us with the exact document they need to capture and we can ensure we record all the information they need to keep track of and then provide a detailed report. In the past 12 months alone, our system has recorded more than 1,200 incidents; each time an incident is recorded, a real-time notification is sent to the relevant client to update them instantly – certainly a far stride from the humble fax! The system also allows us to log payroll and rosters for our employees, leading to far more efficient operations.

In the modern environment, we all expect to have customised information and data at our fingertips. For this reason, your security provider should be using the latest technology or, like NPB, building a bespoke system to assure you the job is being done well at all times.

24-hour patrols and capabilities

While the protection of digital assets is now a primary focus for many organisations, ensuring the safety and security of brick and mortar infrastructure remains critical to the survival of most. You should expect your security provider to safeguard those assets around the clock, because many of us would rather not have to get up in the middle of the night to check if our office, site or venue is safe.

Digital monitoring systems help detect and report incidents. Combined with our mobile patrols, they provide peace of mind and reassurance to managers, senior executives and owners that assets are in the best possible hands, with rapid updates available on actions being taken to address an incident. In addition to common security checks and incident follow-ups, these systems and patrols assist with actions such as calling NPB staff to assist with hotel and motel inquiries after hours, and alerting construction companies to critical maintenance works.

Increased transparency

Trust is an integral part of any good business relationship, and when it comes to working with a security company it is essential that you can trust your provider is doing a good job and acting in your best interests – especially when you’re not watching. Once again, this is where a digital reporting and monitoring system becomes critical. It’s your way of knowing your provider is doing the specific job they’re employed to do and not taking any shortcuts.

NPB’s custom-designed software includes a number of features to alert clients when we are on site, exactly where our staff are, and the actions they are taking. For instance, if an NPB Security mobile patrol officer is out on site for a client, that client can track the patrol’s precise location and time of arrival. Reports are backed up with GPS data, allowing the areas that have been patrolled to be openly available for clients to see, and our staff can upload pictures or video footage to share any concerns. This system assists with decision-making and offers peace of mind and increased transparency into exactly what service is being provided.

So there you have it – my top three considerations for hiring or reviewing a security firm in the digital age we live in.

This leads me to announce that NPB will soon launch an exciting new feature for all our clients, to help in identifying security trends within their company. Make sure to stay in touch with NPB on LinkedIn, as we’ll be sharing more details soon!