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Security company of choice for the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare professionals in Australia provide critical services to support and improve the health and wellbeing of the population. They regularly make sacrifices for the good of others, however disappointingly, they often face external challenges that hinder their ability to focus on patients. Now more than ever, it is essential to invest in a thorough healthcare security programme to minimise incidences in sensitive settings.

NPB Security Australia is experienced in providing collaborative and integrated security solutions to the healthcare sector, including private and public providers, assisting to effectively manage the safety of patients, visitors and employees.

Providing crowd management, customer service, asset protection and safety at WA COVID-19 vaccination centres, NPB Security has established a trusted relationship with the Department of Health.

Recently, NPB Security was employed to support the East Metropolitan Health Services (EMHS) with security. Our guards act as a visible deterrent, protect staff, visitors, and property, as well as assisting in managing difficult situations and persons when required.

Currently, services are primarily utilised in Mental Health areas and Emergency Departments to assist in handling patients or family members in crisis.

“Given the dynamic environment of a health setting, especially Emergency Departments there is often a need to call upon externally contracted guards at short notice, to provide cover for various shifts and sites,” said NPB Security’s Director David Barrett.

“Our team has received extensive security training and is well equipped to provide appropriate assistance when required,” he said.

Security officers are required to complete EMHS course training and undergo additional preparation with NPB Security. This training allows guards to learn practical skills and strategies to manage safety hazards and provide advice effectively and independently.

NPB Security also offers around-the-clock in-house security teams as part of this service. Staff deserve to feel safe at work and having a constant security presence provides this reassurance. WA Country Health Service (WACHS) is another client using NPB’s 24-7 security guard patrol services to supplement their in-house security teams when required.

NPB Security is pleased to offer our expertise to the Healthcare industry, from supporting medical staff, assisting health providers caring for the homeless, to asset protection and static guard services for the Department of Health.


A passion for protecting others – Meet our Security Start star Alisha

Working as a security guard is highly versatile; it may be a full-time endeavour, a great way to supplement your income, or a part -time venture to make money while studying.

NPB Security created their Security Start Program to assist those wishing to enter the field. The program offers trainees financial support to secure a Security Officer Licence and, upon completion, guaranteed employment with NPB Security. This is a common barrier for those wanting to enter the industry.

Mother of four Alisha Samuel is one of the latest participants to complete the program and commence work as a guard in areas of crowd control and retail. A fulltime stay-at-home mum for a few years, Alisha was ready to get back into the workforce. Specifically, she wanted to give back to society through her love and passion for protecting others.

“I’ve always been one to put myself in the firing line when it comes to protecting others. Hence why I wanted to make a career out of it,” Alisha said.

“Thanks to my husband, who also works for NPB Security, I was eager to throw myself into the deep end to follow my passion.”

Faced with distressing situations growing up, Alisha has taken these negative experiences and turned them into a positive one. She uses her history as a strength to make a difference in an industry that supports and challenges her.

At NPB Security, Alisha has the opportunity to pursue her passion. Director David Barrett said Alisha made an immediate impact at NPB Security and he noted her admirable strength and determination.

“Alisha has been with us for a month and a half, she is a natural for the job. She is confident and friendly but strong and decisive when she has to be,” he said.

“There is a perception that security work is only for large, muscley men. However, this couldn’t be further from truth and Alisha is the epitome of a fantastic security guard.

Alisha is proud to be a female in the security industry and encourages those who are interested, to go for it.

“Women are an asset to the security industry, and we need more women to get involved. A female’s touch can go a very long way,” she said.

“NPB Security offers inductions and training which have supported me immensely with my confidence and knowledge of the industry. It’s a rewarding industry that needs more women.”

Alisha highlighted NPB Security’s supportive and welcoming culture, making it hard not to love her job.

“Everybody at NPB Security have been incredibly helpful. We are like one big family who look out for, protect and support each other to reach personal goals.”

NPB Security is committed to making meaningful changes to the industry, ensuring the best available service for their clients.

Security work is a great option for those looking for a flexible career. If you know someone who might be interested more information about our Security Start Program is available here.

NPB Security’s after-hours hotel service

Staying at a hotel is a time to relax and unwind for many quests, but how do you ensure their comfort and safety during their visit?

A hotel’s reputation is decided largely on the guest experience and investing in security services plays a central role in ensuring guests feel safe. It also shields owners from the expenses and reputational damage that may result from criminal activity.

From the moment a guest walks through the door, they expect around the clock assistance to ensure they have a positive and safe stay. Delivering this guest experience will leave them more inclined to make a second visit and share the experience with others.

NPB Security Australia is experienced in providing around-the-clock support at several of Perth’s most popular hotels, motels, and apartments. It’s a service NPB Security has been providing for the last seven years, after recognising a gap in the market for external security providers.

As part of this offering, NPB Security can provide a dedicated off-site phone service or a concierge-style security service on-site. Utilising NPB Security when your reception is unmanned offers clients a cost-effective solution, while still ensuring the safety of your guests.

“Our guards can be on-site or a phone call away when your guests need help,” said NPB Security’s Director Scott Parry.

“Whether they’re having trouble checking-in, accessing their room or have a security concern, we prioritise their calls,” he said.

Aligning with a private security company can help a hotel create a highly effective security program led by well-trained, experienced security personnel. NPB Security’s after-hours services include:

Late Arrivals: if guests are arriving late at night and struggle to access the building, their room or other amenities, you can rely on us to protect your guests and provide the customer care needed for a positive and memorable stay.

Guest support: When 24-hour reception is not an option, guests can notify NPB Security of their issue, and we will provide the assistance needed.

After-hours security: By providing after-hours security for your hotel, guests can sleep soundly knowing their accommodation is as safe and secure as possible. If an incident occurs, a direct number can be called for help or advice.

Crime prevention: Our after-hours security presence will prevent criminal activity on your premises.

Mobile Patrols: You can divert your reception calls to our patrol personnel, who can respond rapidly to any queries or requests for help.

Our highly qualified guards undergo extensive customer service training, particularly at our call centres, to ensure your guests always receive a high level of service.

NPB Security meeting Mining demand

Mine sites present a range of security challenges, from unauthorised entry at the gatehouse to vandalism and stealing. Security can also be an issue when your workforce is living in a neighbouring community close to the mine site.

These challenges have been recognised by multiple Western Australian mining companies who are now outsourcing to NPB Security Australia. With an industry-diverse portfolio and highly qualified staff, NPB Security is experienced in safeguarding mining operations.

 Director David Barrett said NPB Security’s ability to deploy staff promptly makes an immediate impact for mining clients.

“Our workforce is made up of experienced guards with expertise across multiple industry sectors. This means we can mobilise staff rapidly to address issues on site,” David said.

“Guards increase safety and security on site immediately, enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring a secure workplace around mines located in WA.”

NPB Security guards have also been involved with gatehouse security in WA’s North, supervising the main access point for contractors and employees to enter and exit the site. Duties on the gatehouse involve access control and observation, drug and alcohol testing, vaccination certificate checks, truck load examination, vehicle checks and inductions before entering the site.

“Having a physical guard at the front gate is critical to ensuring that only those with access are allowed onto a site,” David said. “It also demonstrates your commitment to providing a safe and secure work environment, and assists in minimising hazards, risks and accidents associated with unauthorised personnel being on site.”

 The efficiency of mining production may be improved by outsourcing a professional and experienced security company. NPB Security offers a tailored and comprehensive solution to meet the individual needs of clients and their sites, utilising a mix of services to provide a holistic approach to security including cutting-edge technology, on-site security, and round-the-clock mobile patrols.

You can count on NPB Security Australia to handle all your security requirements thanks to our diverse range of security services, experience, and expertise.

NPB Security recognised at 2022 AHA Supplier Awards

NPB Security has received two awards at the 2022 Bankwest Hospitality Supplier and Legends Awards hosted by the Australia Hotels Association (AHA) of WA. Held at Crown Towers Perth, NPB received WA’s Best Hospitality Service Provider and Best Small Bar Supplier.

The annual awards seek to recognise outstanding suppliers, promotions, products and services in the Western Australian hospitality sector.

Director David Barrett said it was an honour to receive these awards and that recognition must be shared with the NPB team.

“Without the resilience and dedication of our valued team members, NPB Security would not be the business it is today,” David said.

“We would like to recognise our staff for their loyalty and thank them for supporting the business during COVID-19 and beyond.”

“I’d also like to acknowledge our clients, suppliers, the AHA WA and our competitors, who pulled together and supported each other in many different ways throughout this challenging period.”

It is no secret that many industries faced extreme hardships during COVID-19, with local businesses in the hospitality industry facing complete closure. Director Scott Parry said NPB Security felt the flow-on effect of this and resulted in the company refining its operations.

“NPB had to reinvent its business model in order to respond to the new demands and business practices that have come into effect,” Scott said.

“Our operations have adapted to meet new needs and opportunities including expansion nationally into the South Australian market. Additionally, we expanded our footprint in a sectors such as retail, government, call centres and mobile patrols.”

NPB also recognises how difficult the COVID-19 period has been for their client’s. It was through working collaboratively and their ongoing support that the business has had continued success.

“Our clients have faced similar issues and learning how to effectively understand their needs and work on how we can provide the best solution has been critical in navigating a tough labour market,” Scott said.

NPB is proud to be this year’s Best Hospitality Service Provider and Best Small Bar Supplier and would like to thank the Australia Hotels Association of WA for this recognition.

Security Services making an immediate difference

NPB Security’s services were recently deployed to discourage a spree of criminal activity at a large industrial site in the Perth Airport Estate.

Spanning over 12-hectres and comprising several industrial buildings, the site was suffering from repeated trespassing, theft and property damage.

Director David Barrett said the client approached NPB to deliver a combination of security services to deter this unwanted behaviour and prevent damage to the site.

“Our team’s presence made an immediate impact, with someone apprehended on NPB’s first shift,” David said.

“Our guards are trained to act immediately and operate in a professional way, liaising and assisting the police to ensure the trespasser was caught.”

NPB implemented an onsite guard and mobile patrol service in conjunction with CCTV management and retrieval to ensure the large site could be monitored effectively overnight and throughout the weekends.

NPB partnered with Perth’s leading surveillance system provider, Site Sentry to deliver this service. Strategically placed, the Site Sentry camera towers provide NPB with the ability to monitor the entire site, not just when the guard is on patrol. The system will alert our guards to any motion detected via mobile devices kept on person and in the car, enabling them to see what is happening through the camera in real time.

Guards can attend the area immediately after a tower activation, as opposed to the section remaining unchecked for a period of time during a routine patrol.

Flood lights and sirens are activated on the towers to alert the intruder that they have been identified. An innovative part of the technology is the ability for guards to verbally communicate through the towers’ speakers and advise trespassers to leave before the police arrive.

Mobile Patrols are an efficient security solution featuring authoritative branding on vehicles, heightening the visibility of a security presence and reminding would-be criminals that someone is watching. Fitted with in-car cameras, patrol vehicles record any suspicious activity and enable real-time reporting. They also cover large areas, which is particularly valuable for industrial sized properties and construction sites.

NPB employs a state-of-the-art digital reporting system, leading to better transparency by giving clients the ability to track our guards’ movements on their property via GPS, while also offering real-time information and accurate incident reports in an easy-to-read format.

This combined offering gave our client peace of mind that their assets and property were safe under NPB’s watch. As a result, there has been a reduction in trespassing, and the costs associated with property damage.

NPB Security takes the time to understand how your company operates and develops a customised solution to address all of your security concerns.

NPB Security Launch in South Australia

NPB Security has expanded our operations into South Australia, meeting the demand for quality security providers in the State.

Based in Adelaide’s CBD, NPB is offering the same exceptional client service with a focus on delivering the highest level of customer service, combined with smart technology and well-trained staff.

For more than ten years, NPB Security has delivered professional security services across Western Australia in the retail, construction, local government, industrial, events, and commercial sectors. The move into South Australia is the first step towards NPB providing security services Australia wide.

South Australian Operations Manager Sam James said the opportunity to grow the business came from one of our leading national clients who required security support for their expanding operations in Adelaide.

“We’re pleased to be able to meet the needs of our national clients and deliver high quality security services in South Australia,” Sam said.

“We offer a complete suite of retail security services ranging from static guards, site security and CCTV management and retrieval for clients including Woolworths and BWS.”

“Our team of flexible and committed staff have ensured a smooth transition into Adelaide, supporting clients with our trademark levels of superior customer service.”

The expansion is a welcomed opportunity for NPB Security, enabling us to grow with the needs of our clients and remove the added pressure of finding a trusted provider to safeguard their business.

As operations continue to grow in South Australia, NPB is servicing an increasing number of clients in retail and construction industries, as well as offering concierge security for several hotels.

NPB Security is pleased to be able to offer our expertise to the South Australian market, and we look forward to growing our footprint in the State.

NPB Security Celebrates Fringe Festival Partnership

NPB Security is proud to have supported another successful FRINGE WORLD Festival, with the popular event wrapping up last month.

Presented by not-for-profit ARTRAGE, the annual FRINGE WORLD Festival offers an array of entertainment for all age groups, including circus, cabaret, comedy, music, dance, theatre, film and visual art.

ARTRAGE Partnerships Manager Cassandra Jordan said despite a tough year in the face of Omicron and the heatwave, the 2022 Festival was a success, featuring 453 events across 113 venues.

“We are very grateful to have been able to offer our community 31 days of world-class entertainment, and for the more than 1,900 participating artists, the Festival has been a bright light after many months of cancelled and reduced opportunities due to COVID-19,” Cassandra said.

“Numbers are still being crunched, but the 2022 Festival is on track to achieve ticketed attendance of 230,000, which is an increase from 2021 Festival of 220,000. More than $6.4 million will be spent at the box office in 2022, an increase from 2021 where $5.9 million was spent.”

A highlight on the social calendar for many West Australians, Cassandra said FRINGE WORLD Festival is an event that allows thousands of artists to annually perform and achieve their goals.

“Audiences at FRINGE WORLD are very diverse, including mainstream audiences that rarely engage with the arts. This has a positive flow-on effect for the wider arts and cultural scene, with 88 per cent of audiences agreeing that they are more likely to attend more arts events in the future after their visit to FRINGE WORLD,” Cassandra said.

“For artists, the event is an opportunity to play to a big audience and 86 per cent of artists agree that FRINGE WORLD is an important presentation platform for their work in WA.”

Passionate about supporting local and community-based events and organisations, Director Scott Parry said the partnership with FRINGE WORLD is one NPB values immensely.

“We’ve been with Fringe from the very beginning, so it’s a partnership we hold in high regard,” Scott said.

“We provided guards in 2011 for the pilot year and have continued to service Fringe since. In 2016, NPB Security became an event partner, solidifying the importance of the partnership.”

FRINGE WORLD Festival is a highlight on the calendar for the entire NPB Security team.

“There is genuine excitement amongst the group during FRINGE WORLD Festival, our team love to get involved and even promote events themselves,” Scott said.

Cassandra said working with local businesses is a priority for FRINGE WORLD Festival.

“NPB has supported FRINGE WORLD Festival from the beginning. Without this support and the support from our other partners, the Festival would not have been able to grow to the well-loved iconic event it’s become,” Cassandra commented.

There isn’t much down time for the team at ARTRAGE, with 2023 planning commencing concurrently with the closing of the 2022 Festival.

“We are reviewing survey results, data and debriefs to inform our planning for next year’s Festival so that we continue to improve the event for the benefit of our artists, audiences and partners,” Cassandra said.

The last few years have been incredibly testing for not only FRINGE WORLD Festival but the arts and culture sector more broadly, following the huge impact of COVID-19.

“The 2021 event was impacted by a lockdown and capacity restrictions which had a significant financial impact for ARTRAGE and the participating artists,” Cassandra said.

“The 2022 Festival was impacted in a different way, particularly because the border control changes meant that 72 events were unable to be presented.”

“That said, we are proud of what we have achieved with the 2022 Festival and are grateful for the enthusiasm of our audiences, who were rewarded by experiencing the passion, energy and uniqueness of the Fringe entertainers’ talents.”

Be sure to visit a FRINGE WORLD Festival event next year and support the incredible talent within Western Australia. Find out more about FRINGE WORLD Festival here.

Safety in security – Meet our Security Start participant Wafiy

Last year, we launched our Security Start Program as way to financially assist and encourage those looking to get started in the security industry.

The significant upfront costs to become a guard is often a deterrent, so we created a pathway that provides financial assistance for a select number of participants. This enables them to obtain their Security Officer Licence, while also guaranteeing a position at NPB on completion.

Thanks to CORE Security Group, participants are receiving the highest quality training to ensure they are prepared to enter the security workforce. As a fellow Western Australian business, NPB is proud to be working with CORE who are enabling us to successfully deliver the Security Start program.

Wafiy Omar is one of the latest participants to complete his course and commence work as a guard. When considering a second job to earn an additional income, Wafiy came across the Security Start Program. He reached out to his cousin who works for NPB, submitted his application and was selected to participate.

“If it wasn’t for David [NPB’s Director] and my cousin, I wouldn’t be in the situation I am,” Wafiy said.

“They have given me a very good opportunity to use it as a second income and have the chance to choose it in future as a full-time career.”

“I said to my partner recently that I’m so glad I got a security licence because there are so many jobs in the security industry and it has just opened up more opportunities for me. I’ve used security as a safety net, because I think it’s quite a big industry.”

Customer service is at the core of security work, and is something Wafiy enjoys delivering to patrons, drawing on his previous roles in sales and recruitment.

“I really enjoy the customer service side of things, I use my skills and experience to understand the customer’s situation, and then go from there,” Wafiy said.

“I also like to keep people safe in a customer service kind of way, not in a way where I am tough security guard, by drawing on my skills such as first aid, while keeping the venue safe.”

When considering whether to join the hospitality or security industry, the decision was made easy knowing there was no upfront financial commitment required with Security Start.

“The program is a good start to get you in the industry, it’s very hard to fork out $1,500 out of nowhere. NPB gave me a great opportunity to test the security industry and decide if I want to get into it as a full-time career,” Wafiy said.

Wafiy is a major advocate for the Security Start program and is currently assisting a former colleague to submit his application.

“It’s a great way to get started in an industry that is really peaking at the moment.”

“I’m still promoting Security Start. Going through the program with NPB is a good way to know if you like the industry or not, and you’ve got nothing to lose, so if you don’t like it, you just pay back the cost of the course.”

As Wafiy highlighted, the industry continues to grow with no signs of slowing down.

“We need security people everywhere, not just in clubs and nightclubs, but also in corporate areas, the airports, hotels, construction and mining,” Wafiy said.

“There is so much work out there, it’s an industry that’s never going to die.”

In addition to supporting those looking to commence work as a guard, NPB Security is trying to strengthen the industry in WA following unprecedented demand for security services.

Security work is a great option for those looking to earn a second income. If you know someone who might be interested more information about our Security Start Program is available here.

Security services that suit

Security services continue to evolve and adapt in order to meet the needs of businesses and individuals.

Most people are aware of what a security company can offer, with a guard at the front of a store, mobile patrols through local suburbs, protection for a construction site or safeguarding attendees at events among the most common duties for guards.

But have you considered the additional array of tasks that your security guard may assist with at your site?

Carramar Village and Yanchep Central Shopping Centres recently acquired the services of NPB Security. Providing the usual retail services of loss and crime prevention, incident management and ensuring a safe working environment for staff, we also worked with the client to develop a more comprehensive service that alleviates the property manager of several tasks.

A significant role our guards now undertake is the induction of any contractor or maintenance personnel visiting the centre. Client Relations Manager Mohamed Ibrahim said this is a service NPB can offer due to a consistent staff roster, which is becoming an increasingly common request from clients.

“We’ve been able to create a roster where the same team member works during the week and another across the weekend,” Mohamed said.

“It’s something that I’m very proud of because it makes a lot of difference to the client. Our guards become familiar with customers and staff, they get to know the site inside and out, and can take a lot of pressure off the property manager.”

Our customised digital reporting system provides clients and staff with a simple onboarding process and allows for the creation of customised reports to meet the specific needs of each individual client. NPB guards utilise this technology to monitor and assist with CCTV, including the retrieval of footage, risk assessment and issues management.

Photographic, video and written documentation of any incidents for police reports and insurance purposes are uploaded to this platform along with the proactive reporting of any maintenance, security or safety issues identified during a shift. This reporting data can be accessed instantaneously by the client via NPB’s digital reporting platform.

Shift consistency gives the client confidence in our guards to perform additional tasks and in turn, becomes a more efficient practice for the property manager.

“Our guards are already at the centre full time, so training them to do tasks like inductions means the property manager, who isn’t based at the centre, doesn’t have to make a special visit to carry out a short induction,” Mohamed said.

Understanding the unique needs of each client and site allows NPB Security to provide a service offering tailored to suit.

Tips to keep you and your belongings safe this festive season

December brings about the best time of the year – the festive season!

While we all enjoy this time with friends and family, celebrating the year with colleagues, taking a well-earned holiday or attending an event, it’s important to remember some easy steps to protect yourself and belongings.

The NPB Security team is passionate about safeguarding the people of Western Australia and their assets. We’ve been leading the industry for 11 years, working with clients in the retail, hospitality, mining and construction sectors.

Earlier this year we became a proud sponsor of Constable Care’s City After Dark Program and shared some tips to help you stay safe and happy this holiday season.

Christmas Celebrations         

  1. Stay with your mates

Look after your friends on nights out and keep in touch to make sure everyone gets home safely.

  1. Don’t leave your drink unattended

Only leave your drink with close friends or colleagues; unfortunately, not everyone has good intentions on a night out. Better yet, take your drink with you if can.

Site Closure

  1. Lock away items and signage

Before closing for the year, be sure to secure any items on site that might be attractive to passers-by! This includes signage, traffic cones or anything else that is easily moveable and might end up in the wrong hands.

Christmas Shopping

  1. Hold onto your bags

Heading to the shops in December can be stressful. With so many people around, always have your trolly and shopping basket within easy reach and keep your handbag or wallet on your person.

Secure your Home

  1. Be aware of what items are on display

Leaving the blinds open to share your Christmas tree lights, wrapped gifts and decorations is a great way to spread festive cheer along your street, but be aware of what you are leaving on show to passers-by.

Be sure to lock your windows and limit the items on display that may attract unwanted attention.

  1. Don’t leave signs you’re away

Before you head off on a holiday, ask a relative, friend or neighbour to check on your home in your absence. Simple things like collecting your mail and taking your rubbish bins in and out will help create the impression that someone is home.

Sensor lights and lamp timing switches are a worthy investment as they can deter any unwanted visitors from approaching your house.


  1. Ask for help from a security guard or police officer

Security guards attend events to keep you safe, so if you need help don’t hesitate to ask for it.

  1. Stay hydrated

We are proudly working at some of Perth’s most exciting events this festive season. At the peak of summer, remember to drink plenty of water! Many event locations have water stations, so there is no excuse to be dehydrated this season.

Enjoy this wonderful time of year, celebrate safely, and treat yourself to some Boxing Day specials.

NPB Security working with Uniting WA

NPB Security is proud to be working with Uniting WA, providing security at Koort Boodja, a transitional accommodation program for people experiencing homelessness.

Uniting WA Operations Lead Emma White said the program is an interim solution to the current housing crisis.

“The aim of the program is to provide safe and supported accommodation for rough sleepers, including specialised support services, cultural support and capacity building to maintain a future housing tenancy,” Emma said.

“Given the complexities and challenges that a person may present with, Koort Boodja reduces the barriers for a person to access accommodation and works with each person on an individual basis to develop safe plans so that they can safely reside at the service.”

Supplying security guards for ten years, Emma said NPB has provided a valued and important service to Uniting WA over the years.

“We have sought the support of security personnel who work respectfully with people accessing our homelessness services, to maintain the safety of the service and the people who access it, whilst ensuring that they do this within our values and expectations of a trauma-informed approach,” Emma said.

“NPB has been open to developing the skills of their security personnel to ensure that they can work with compassion, empathy, and respect.”

Uniting WA are also responsible for the newly renovated Tranby Engagement Hub (Tranby), which assists adults in crisis, in and around the City of Perth.

Officially reopened in June 2021, Tranby is the first co-designed and purpose-built crisis intervention space in WA that supports an active referral and engagement model for people experiencing homelessness.

Emma said there has been lots of positive feedback from people accessing the newly transformed space, which was designed in collaboration with people who have experienced homelessness.

“Some of the initial reactions we observed were feelings of being overwhelmed at how much the space had been transformed and how nice it felt to have a new space to access that was designed and built specifically for them,” Emma said.

“The innovative and careful co-design collaboration process means the new Tranby can truly meet the needs of the people it supports by facilitating intentional and purposeful engagement with every person who accesses the service.

“Our team provide essential services such as showers and meals, and we also work one-on-one with people to understand their individual needs, supporting them to access the services that are right for them.”

Director Scott Parry said NPB were proud of their relationship with Uniting WA and look forward to supporting their mission for years to come.

There are several ways you can support Uniting WA, through financial contributions, the donation of items or advocacy.

 During summer, we find that there is an increase in demand for thongs, sunscreen, insect repellent, underwear, toiletry and hygiene items,” Emma said.

Contacting your Federal member of Parliament and making homelessness an election issue is a great way to support those experiencing homelessness.

If you’re in a position to donate, items can be dropped directly to Uniting WA or to the NPB Security office and will be delivered on your behalf.  Make a financial donation via the Uniting WA website, or take your eligible containers to a Containers for Change depot and donate the refund to Uniting – donation code: C10277586.



Security Start Success Story – Meet Steve Waddams

NPB launched their Security Start Program earlier this year as a way to help those looking to get started in the industry, with the significant upfront costs a common deterrent.

The pathway provides financial assistance for a select number of participants, enabling them to obtain their Security Officer Licence, with a guaranteed position at NPB on completion.

58-year-old Steve Waddams is the first person to complete the course and commence work with NPB Security. Having worked in a variety of roles over his career, in what he refers to as an ‘eclectic background’, Steve was in search of a new opportunity that provided stability and a decent income.

Now a qualified guard and working regularly with NPB’s client Dan Murphys, we caught up with Steve to find out about his experience of the program and how he is finding his new role.

Q. Why did you sign up for Security Start?
Steve: Firstly, it would guarantee that I would have a career. Even though I’m 58, it’s never too late to start something new.

 Security Start also appealed to me because it offers to pay for the course, which I’m then able to repay at a reasonable rate from my salary. It is a very helpful way to get started in the industry.

Q. What do you like about security work?
Steve: I love meeting people! Being a security guard means you can meet and greet people from all different backgrounds. I can chat with probably anyone on any level, so although you are in a position of authority, I find the job can be done in a very friendly and polite manner.

Q. How have you found working for NPB?
Steve: Excellent, I have really enjoyed it. They’ve given me as much work as I can handle and there is a great support network at NPB. I know the operations team work incredibly hard to please everyone.  They give you a lot of thought, crafting rosters to suit you – which is fantastic.

 Q. Would you encourage others to participate and how easy was the process?
Steve: Yes – I have already been encouraging plenty of people.

NPB use integrated training which makes it very easy, even for people like me who haven’t been in the classroom environment for 45 years. I was encouraged by Scott and David to take the opportunity and was given loads of confidence. I would highly advise anyone from 18 years of age to 65 to investigate the program and see if the training would suit them.

Q. Is there anything else you would like potential participants to know?
Steve: I think people should know about the support network at NPB. There is no I in team, from colleagues, to management, operations to reception, everybody has been ever-so-helpful. They are happy to share their own time to pass on advice, knowledge, and expertise, and I really do feel like part of the team and family working for NPB.

 Dave and Scott are very approachable as employers, as approachable as any colleague that I chat with, so they should be commended on that!

NPB Security is dedicated to making meaningful changes to the industry, ensuring the best available service for their clients. Several positions remain in the Security Start program. If you are interested, you can find out more and consider applying

NPB Guards recognised for outstanding customer service

“A #Perth MVP” – just one of the subject lines amongst the many emails NPB Security has received about our guards at the COVID-19 vaccination clinic in Claremont.

With thousands of Western Australians rolling up their sleeves, it has been a busy period for NPB Security. Our guards are responsible for crowd management, customer service and safety at some of the state’s vaccination centres.

The public has been extremely generous in their praise for our guards, but it’s Ziad, better known as Zee, who has attracted much of the attention.

Zee’s empathy, humour and kindness radiate while carrying out his role, which is appreciated by many in what can be a stressful time.

Our inbox has been flooded with recognition, thanks and congratulations for the way Zee approaches his position. Among these emails, one stood out in particular:

“I have attended the Claremont Covid Vaccination centre for both of my doses. Each time I was there I experienced the courteous, energetic and kind nature of one of your crowd controllers who goes by the name “Zee”.

“On my first visit, he noticed the line of people becoming anxious and irritated and he stood at the front of the venue, taking a moment to entertain everyone there. This was a deeply moving moment in humanity… to be in a vaccination clinic, during a global pandemic and be met with someone who just radiated positivity, compassion and humour.”

So, who is Zee, and what makes him so special?

Part of the NPB team for several years, Zee, the self-titled ‘hustler’ brings a level of energy to his role that is infectious.

“I like running and doing things. Everyone’s like, “Relax, mate!” But I can’t help it,” Zee said.

Incredibly empathetic, Zee goes out of his way to acknowledge individual situations and understand the feelings of others.

“I think a bit of interaction goes a long way.”

Whether he’s encouraging the crowd to join in the chorus of a song, telling a joke, posing a riddle or simply smiling from ear-to-ear and greeting people as they arrive, Zee has won the admiration of countless Western Australians.

Zee is not the only NPB Security guard receiving praise, the whole team has been acknowledged for their work in Claremont. Emails we have received recently include:

“I just wanted to say how impressed I was with your security staff today at Claremont Showgrounds, Perth Covid vaccination. I was there between 1.50 and 3.30 for a 1.50 appointment. There was a huge delay, hundreds of people but everyone of your staff did such an amazing job. I didn’t see anyone getting upset with the wait and I’m 100% sure that was due to the professionalism of the security team. Please pass on this compliment to the Perth team as they deserve the recognition and appreciation.”

“My wife and I arrived for a 3.35pm and 3.45pm appointments and finally had our shots at 6.50pm. During this time the NPB personnel performed their duties with efficiency and humour. They kept the crowds amused during a time when patience was running short. You have some great personnel working in your organisation and I thought it would be good to provide some recognition of this.”

NPB Security Director David Barrett said he was very pleased to see Zee receiving the well-deserved praise.

“Wearing the NPB logo with pride, Zee is a great asset to our team and embodies the high level of importance we place on customer service” David said.

“Working in security can often be a thankless task so it’s fantastic to see our guards be recognised for their work ethic and high levels of customer service. We are extremely thankful to everyone who has reached out with kind words for the team, we pass on every message we receive, and they do not go unnoticed.”



NPB Security in Retail Demand

NPB Security in Retail Demand

 It has been a busy month for the team at NPB Security with several retail stores seeking our static guard services.

We’re proud to be the security provider of choice at Villains and Rebel Sport in Carousel, watching over stock, staff and customers within the busy shopping precinct.

Luxury watch brand TAG Heuer, has also employed the services of NPB Security at their exclusive Wesley Quarter store.

NPB continues to expand our reach with current clients Rebel Sport, IGA,  Woolworths, BWS and Dan Murphy’s, seeing us supply static guard services to another 15 stores across the Perth metro area.


 Specialised training for the retail sector sets NPB apart, with our guards undertaking both theoretical and practical training to ensure they are prepared to deal with incidents specific to the industry. We are currently running these sessions weekly, given the influx of retail acquisitions and the growing number of guards required in the sector.

Understanding the unique requirements of every business, we have tailored the content to ensure it is relevant to each client. Training for staff at BWS and Dan Murphy’s focuses on identification checks and the prevention of minors purchasing alcohol, which is not relevant for a clothing store for example.


NPB Security understand the importance of providing a first-class experience for the customer. Our guards demonstrate outstanding customer service to ensure shoppers feel at ease while our client’s assets are kept safe. Creating a safe and welcoming environment for both staff and customers is a focus for our skilled personnel.

NPB Security respond quickly, using tact and discretion to ensure maximum safety and minimal disruption. More than just a static guard, our skilled team are able to perform first aid, verbal and non-verbal negotiation, and are trained to alert and work closely with the police.


Shoplifting and theft remain one of the biggest challenges facing store owners, with subsequent loss in revenue and danger to the safety of staff causing headaches for retailers. The presence of a guard often acts as the biggest deterrent against crime, with shoplifters more likely to target stores without guards present.
NPB Security is pleased to be offering our expertise to the teams at TAG Heuer, Rebel Sport and Villains Carousel. We look forward to seeing you on your next shopping trip to these stores.

NPB Security Partner with Perth Heat

NPB Security is delighted to partner with Perth Heat for the 2021/2022 Summer of Baseball.

Perth Heat was founded in 1989 as one of the Australian Baseball League’s foundation teams and have gone on to become one of the country’s most successful sporting clubs.

Providing security guards for games and events held at Empire Ballpark, Perth Heat CEO Steven Nelkovski said it is great to have NPB Security onboard.

“It’s a partnership that we’ve had for 10 years, and one we are extremely proud of,” Steven said.

Attending a Perth Heat game is a fantastic experience, with the perfect environment for the whole family.

“A day at the ballpark is unique, we have a nice American theme that runs through our game day experience,” said Steven.

“It’s different to other sporting events, for example if the ball goes over the fence and you catch it, you get to keep it.

“It is a wonderful family friendly environment and the menu is a little bit different too. We like to bring through an American style of flavour to replicate what you get at Minor League ballparks in America.”

It is shaping up to be a massive summer for the Heat on and off the pitch, as they look to go one step further after finishing runners up in 2020/21, as well as celebrating the successful history of the club.

“The Perth Heat will celebrate 70 years since our first Claxton Shield Championship win in 1952. We will have a lot of promotion around the success we’ve had as an organisation and celebrate all of the great champions of the club and the state,” Steven said.

NPB Security Director, David Barrett said he was proud to continue the long running partnership.

“This was one of our first sporting partnerships when we established NPB in 2010, so we are very pleased to continue the tradition this year. It is also fantastic to see what the club are doing in the sustainability space and we’re looking forward to seeing these initiatives in action.

Perth Heat has some ambitious goals with a desire to be Australia’s most sustainable baseball team. Their objectives include a 50% reduction in plastic by 2025; moving towards a 100% digital ticketing system and playing their games in Australia’s first renewable energy powered ballpark.

David said his company recognises the important role sport has in improving the health and wellbeing of all who participate regardless of age, ability, background or gender.

“NPB Security is a huge advocate for sport, understanding the significant and positive impact it has on the community. Communities are strengthened when we come together to play sport and build a sense of belonging.”

For those interested in attending a match in the 2021/22 season, Steven provided this famous quote:

A hot dog at the ballpark is better than a steak at the Ritz – Humphrey Bogart

The Heat has a range of membership options available, whether you can attend every match or only a few. With their Mega Membership giveaway now happening, it’s the perfect time to get onboard the Perth Heat, find out more here.

NPB Security partner with Constable Care Foundation

NPB Security is proud to announce a three-year partnership with the Constable Care Foundation.

We are sponsoring the City After Dark program which seeks to educate secondary students and community youth groups on how to identify risks and avoid dangerous decisions at night.

The program is run in partnership with the WA Police Force and guides participants through the Perth CBD and entertainment precincts on a weeknight.

Constable Care Foundation’s Marketing Manager Diane Ainsworth said it was great to partner with NPB Security.

“The support from NPB Security ensures the popular City After Dark program can continue to empower young people to become streetwise and take control of their personal safety when out at night,” Diane said.

“It allows Constable Care Foundation to market this important safety education program to secondary schools, youth community groups and tertiary students.”

The three-hour walking tour commences in the early evening to show that areas which are largely safe during the day can become much riskier at night. Designed with a strong educational focus, the program is effective through participation and experiential learning.

Director David Barrett said extensive experience working in the Perth hospitality industry prompted NPB Security’s participation in this initiative.

“NPB guards have been protecting patrons at night for years, so we understand the importance and difference responsible practices can make,” David said.

“Going out with friends should be an enjoyable experience, but we know how quickly things can change. This is an opportunity to prepare young people through education and experience to ensure they understand how to identify potential conflict, and therefore avoid it.”

Key learnings from the tour include avoiding dangerous areas, alcohol and its effect on safety, stranger interactions and tips on observation, staying aware and avoiding precarious situations.

Diane said it’s always intriguing to hear which aspects of the active participation experience that attendees find the most useful and interesting.

“Often it is a revelation for all participants, as they don’t know what they don’t know, especially when it comes to risky situations and identifying risks.”

“Distraction through smartphone and headphone use is also a safety concern with this demographic, so the importance of observation and awareness of surroundings is one of the key issues highlighted.”

The Constable Care Foundation has been inundated with positive feedback and research on the program.

“Previous participants have described the program as engaging, entertaining and informative with the knowledge and safety skills they learn transferrable to any suburb or city,” Diane said.

“The majority, even parents accompanying their teenagers on the tour, leave with new knowledge on night-time safety, the risks and how to stay safe when venturing out at night.”

Like many events, COVID-19 halted City After Dark tours due to lockdowns and restrictions at venues. However, despite the pandemic, Diane said there had been a surge in demand for the unique experience.

“Bookings increased by almost 300 per cent in the 2019-2020 year, with a 200 per cent increase in participant numbers compared to the previous year. This is despite the suspension of tours in the early part of 2020 due to COVID-19.”

The Constable Care Foundation’s convenient booking system enables tours to be rescheduled to a time and date that suits if COVID-19 restrictions are implemented.

In honour of our new partnership, NPB Security is sharing our top 5 tips to stay safe on a night out:

  • Stick with your mates and look after each other
  • Don’t flash your cash
  • Never leave your drink unattended
  • Avoid poorly lit areas
  • Ask for help from a security guard or police officer.


If you’re interested in organising a tour for secondary students or a community youth group, you can find out more here.

International Security Officers’ Day 24/7

International Security guard day

Wishing the NPB team a happy International Security Officers’ Day. The 24th of July is an opportunity to recognise and thank those working behind the scenes to keep us safe.

24 July is a day which reflects on the demands of security work that see our team on shifts throughout the day and night. An initiative by the Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL), International Security Officers’ Day is now celebrated across the world including in Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, China, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Macau, India, Singapore, United Kingdom and Thailand.

NPB Security want to acknowledge the occasion by sincerely thanking our diligent and committed team of more than 2,000 security officers working across Western Australia 24/7.

It has been a busy year for the team at NPB as we come to terms with the effects of COVID-19. The demand for guards has grown significantly, required not only to protect and oversee assets and buildings, but a shift in demand towards the health, safety, and wellbeing of people throughout the State.

NPB guards have been diligent in the way they have gone about work during this time, whether that be upskilling, diversifying or undertaking courses to ensure our clients receive the best service possible.

The dedication and professionalism of our team is reflected in the way they have gone about these extra challenges and hours. Our guards carry out their responsibilities with pride and enthusiasm. We were delighted when we received this comment on social media recently:

“I wanted to say your employees here are doing an outstanding job.

 They are professional but most importantly being kind and friendly to people in an environment that can be stressful for some. It’s a fine balance to have authority and let people feel at ease. Great job 👏🏻

 Working in security is a rewarding career, yet few recognise the sacrifice made by guards. Whether it’s putting themselves in harm’s way or working tiresome hours, they are always there to protect the public from danger or offer a helping hand.

If you see our team members in action this weekend at Optus Stadium, in venues across Perth, at your local shopping centre or on the road in one of our mobile patrol vehicles, be sure to thank them for their efforts. And don’t forget to congratulate your colleagues on their work over the last year #thankyousecurityofficers.

If you’re passionate about people and safety, a career in security could be for you. Apply with NPB Security here.

A night in the life of a Mobile Patrol

As the sun sets, many have finished work for the day. It’s a different story for NPB Security guards working on our mobile patrols.

Using a tank of fuel to travel over 500kms, an evening with NPB is not what you may expect from a traditional security guard, but every night brings with it a new challenge or experience for our staff.

Mobile Patrol Site Checks

NPB Security conduct regular after-hours site checks for a wide range of clients, primarily to discourage criminal activity.

Random perimeter checks sometimes uncover trespassers, damage to fences or gates that have accidentally been left unlocked.

Alarm Responses

Our mobile patrols provide monitoring and rapid response to alarms triggered in the Perth Metro area. We’ve responded to countless alarms on client machinery, with fridges being the most common as many of the pubs and theme parks that we service have alarms attached to their fridges. Over the years we have saved thousands of dollar’s worth of stock that would have gone bad without our monitoring and response.

We also oversee some of the fridges that contain flu vaccines, regularly checking them to ensure they continuously operate correctly during the night.

Community-based Patrols

NPB’s highly visible mobile patrols operate in local suburbs and communities as requested by local government and land developers. These patrols provide peace of mind to community members that there is a security presence keeping an eye on the neighbourhood. This discourages antisocial behaviour and ensures police presence is quickly summoned should any incident get out of hand.

After Hours Security Services

NPB Security provides support to a number of hotels across Perth who don’t have a 24-hour reception service. Noise complaints, broken or lost keys and patrons accidently locked out of their rooms are a common occurrence for the NPB team working on these sites.

Welfare Checks

NPB guards conduct welfare checks on employees and contractors working alone or after hours to ensure their wellbeing and safety on the job. They check and document that employees are on site, view staff passes and report back to the client the next morning through our digital reporting system. For those working alone, the NPB guards will stop in regularly, and check that the workers are okay.

Safe with Us

NPB provides our clients with access to live GPS tracking of our guards, plus in-car and on-person video cameras for every patrol.

Our trusted staff attend to your needs while providing you with the opportunity to track our vehicles and personnel by route map and video. Real-time digital reports are sent to you to keep you updated on any security incidents, maintenance or safety information as it occurs.

Mobile patrols offer our clients peace of mind. We ensure your staff feel safe at night by conducting welfare checks, confirm your equipment is functioning as it should be via regular site checks, provide timely responses to alarms and and deter theft, damage and graffiti with the presence of our highly visible vehicles and skilled security personnel.


NPB Security celebrates partnership with Indigenous-owned business for Reconciliation Week

Dream Time Game

NPB Security were proud to work at Optus Stadium over weekend when Perth hosted the AFL’s highly anticipated Dreamtime match in the Sir Doug Nicholls round.

The annual match recognises and celebrates First Nations players and culture and falls in National Reconciliation week. It marks a time for all Australians to learn about our shared histories, cultures, and achievements, and to explore how we can contribute to achieving reconciliation in our country.

To mark the occasion NPB engaged Australia’s largest Indigenous-owned workplace supplier, Kulbardi, to design and create a lanyard for their guards, featuring an indigenous design.

Kulbardi have supplied our uniforms for several years, so it was a great opportunity to recognise our long-term partnership and a chance for NPB to acknowledge the traditional owners of the land

The image on the lanyard features black and white elements coming together on the Earth.

It’s a small gesture, but one which encourages our staff to have positive conversations about reconciliation.

We are proud to work with Australian company Kulbardi, who reinvest part of their proceeds to their community investment fund. The Bibbulmun Fund invests in community projects and initiatives designed to support, encourage and inspire Indigenous communities across Australia.

Our staff really enjoyed working at the sold-out event, which has only left its Melbourne home once before.

It was fantastic to see our guards wearing the lanyards at Saturday’s game, and we expect to see a lot of them continuing to wear them after the weekend.

NPB Security launch Security Start Program

NPB Security are dedicated to making meaningful changes to the industry, ensuring the best available service for their clients.

The significant upfront cost required for guards to become accredited can be a deterrent  for those looking to get started in the industry.

This has given rise to NPB’s ‘Security Start’ program, which will assist ten lucky people with finance to cover the cost of a Certificate II in Security Operations and the associated licences.

NPB Director David Barrett said it was about getting the right people into the industry.

“This allows us to deepen the recruitment pool, provide the best staff and fulfil our clients’ needs,” Barrett said.

“Upon successful completion of the required training and licensing, guards will be guaranteed priority employment with NPB Security.”

“New staff members will be provided with enough shifts to enable the loan to be repaid within three months.”

With a growing, diverse client base, NPB are able to provide staff specialising in the retail, event and hospitality sectors.

Several requirements must be met to be considered for the program. Candidates must:

  • Be over the age of 18
  • Be legally permitted to work in Australia
  • Be fit and of good character (two character references are a requirement of security officer licencing)
  • Hold a current National Police Clearance
  • Hold a current driver’s licence; and
  • Own a smartphone.

To be considered for this opportunity, individuals will need to complete the application form, which can be found in the link below. All applications received will be reviewed and assessed fairly.


Enhanced Security Technology offers extra layer of protection for assets

NPB Security is leading the way with technology that can assist in guarding your business. While having a physical security presence at your property or business is a great deterrent for unwelcome criminal activity, camera technology adds an additional layer of protection.

Over the past 6 months, NPB Security has partnered with local West Australian company Site Sentry to deliver surveillance for a number of high-profile construction clients.

NPB Security Director, David Barrett, said while there is still a high demand for traditional security services, such as physical guards and mobile patrols, there is a need for extra eyes at all times to support the traditional services.

“We are pleased to be working alongside another locally run and owned business that is focused on offering cost-effective solutions to protect assets and staff.”

“Combining advanced solar powered CCTV technology with a physical guard allows NPB Security to monitor various areas at one time.”

“This means our personnel can respond to incidents for efficiently, and drastically reduces the number of incidents on site.”

NPB Security currently support multiple clients with traditional and technological security services. This includes the site that was once Princess Margaret Hospital, which has physical guards, mobile patrols and the extra eyes of CCTV, supplied by Site Sentry. CCTV supports NPB Security’s guards by picking up suspicious activity promptly, especially on a large site. NPB Security is then able to deploy mobile patrols and manage the situation.

“NPB Security is committed to finding the best solution for clients. By offering this extra layer of protection alongside our highly trained personnel, clients are reassured that their staff and assets will be safe,” David added.

Three benefits of using NPB Security to provide after-hours support at your hotel

NPB Security are experienced in providing around-the-clock support at a number of Perth’s most popular hotels and motels.

Many hotel guests expect around the clock support from when they check in to their accommodation to the end of their stay. When guests feel secure, safe and supported they have a more enjoyable stay, and are likely to return again.

NPB Security is able to assist, operating a 24-hour support service for your hotel guests and staff. Responding to around one hundred calls each day, NPB Security officers are able to provide advice on accessing rooms, assistance with the check in process or any security worries guests may have.

This non-traditional security support has been available for almost five years at NPB Security. Businesses using this service include Seashells Scarborough, Ramada, Mandoon Estate, Quest and Seashells Fremantle.

Three of the key benefits of this service are:

Guest support

NPB Security staff are just a call away if guests need assistance outside normal staff hours, including help with the check in process. We are able to provide any codes needed and directions to those staying at the accommodation, helping to make the check-in experience as seamless as possible. If for any reason guests need one of our guards to assist them in person, we are able to drive to the location and provide support.

NPB Security is able to act as additional front of house support for your staff. Once guests are checked in there can be a number of concerns after hours. This can be anything from an air conditioning problem to where the nearest restaurant is. We have been offering this support service for a number of years now and have compiled a standard operating procedure manual. Our staff are able to answer a wide range of questions and offer cost-effective solutions for your company.

After hours security

It is extremely important that your staff and guests feel safe and secure at all times while at your venue. As a locally run and owned security service, NPB Security is ready to respond. We have thorough knowledge of Perth and the range of areas and issues that may arise at each venue.

Guests are able to call our 24-hour number and notify us of any security matters or noise complaints and our staff will act promptly to rectify the situation. Having a known security presence or service at your hotel is also a great way to prevent criminal activity on your premises.

Mobile Patrols

NPB Security’s mobile patrol division is traditionally rostered on for various clients such as Optus Stadium and the City of Subiaco. However, this service is an extra layer of protection on offer for hotels and motels when a physical security presence at the property is required.

Guests can call our dedicated and local call centre and we will send out a security officer in a mobile patrol promptly if needed. Some calls that we commonly receive include alarms being activated, noise complaints, and general safety concerns.

Our staff are all qualified security officers and undergo extensive additional customer service training, particularly for our call centres, ensuring your guests are provided with a high level of service at all times.

Upskilling critical for keeping watch over State’s largest retailers

A huge demand for security services across the retail sector is one of the unexpected results of COVID-19 in the past 12 months. It is now nearly a year since customers started rushing to supermarkets and panic bought food and other basics – a behaviour partly repeated during the recent lockdown in Perth this month. More than ever before, the consumer response to COVID-19 has highlighted how important it is to make sure there are robust security strategies in place at retail outlets supported by highly trained security guards.

Custom training for retail sector

To ensure our security staff are equipped with the skills and procedures needed to deal with both unique events and daily activity, NPB Security has designed a new course specifically for our personnel at shopping centres and other retailers.

Rolled out from the start of 2021 and available to all NPB’s security guards, the custom learning delivers both theory and practical training. Our personnel learn and experience potential incidents that they may face on shift which are specific and unique to the retail sector. The course examines a number of issues that may result in security incidents, such as mental health, homelessness, drug and alcohol, as well as legalities and regulations in the retail industry. Other topics covered include the effective use of CCTV and procedures to minimise theft.

NPB Security protects a number of shopping centres in Perth and some of the country’s most recognised retail brands including Woolworths, BWS, Dan Murphy’s and Rebel Sport. As COVID-19 has demonstrated, security needs are always evolving so upskilling is always a priority to ensure a better customer experience for people who are simply wanting to do their shopping in peace and safety.

How security protects retailers

A focus for our security guards is to protect the staff of shopping centres and individual retailers, along with their customers. NPB Security is able to provide expert assistance on a variety of issues shopping centres and retailers face on a daily basis.

One major challenge is shoplifting and theft. Not only does result in lost revenue for businesses, but it poses a real safety threat to retail workers who face the risk of confrontation and aggression if they intervene. Security guards are trained to step forward and take the necessary action to resolve difficult or dangerous situations where people attempting theft will reach unpredictably. A security presence can also act as a deterrence making one retailer less likely to experience theft than another store without guards.  Guards are also trained to alert and work closely with police.

Security personnel are able to respond immediately during a crisis or emergency situation. For example, all our security guards have first aid training which could save someone’s life. If there is a medical or other emergency, for example a fire, that occurs at a supermarket, retail security is able to safely control the consequences of the aftermath, monitor emergencies and provide instructions and guidance to assist and calm staff and customers.

Retail is a unique security environment that demands specialist skills, so security guards that have undertaken a course specifically for retail patrols delivers a huge operational and financial benefit. Security guards with this training are equipped with extra skills and knowledge to ensure the safety of the staff, customers and protection of assets in any situation, from COVID-19 to day-to-day events.

The importance of agile and flexible Security Services

The security landscape is constantly evolving and changing, particularly with the updated regulations for businesses and individuals to comply with COVID-19 health standards. The security industry has seen a huge increase in demand from a variety of sectors including retail, hospitality and construction. We see three key crucial elements when it comes to meeting new demands:

  1. Highly flexible workforce

At NPB Security, our staff are always willing to help out the overall team and are extremely flexible with shifts and the type of work they conduct. During the period of COVID-19 restrictions our management staff worked around the clock to ensure the workforce was redirected to areas as needed. For example, hospitality staff were placed in retail and construction sectors as they required additional guards during this busy time.

The speed with which restrictions are announced and implemented means that the reaction of our dedicated team has been essential to ensuring clients have had the highest level of protection when the demand for security surges. For instance, during the first lockdown in Perth in 2020, NPB Security mobilised more than 200 retail sites at short notice following increased pressure from panic buying. While the recent lockdown in 2021, around 50 retail sites needed extra security staff at short notice.

Overall, NPB Security has increased our number of staff at premises we manage by around 25% compared to pre-Coronavirus levels. Meeting rapid changes in customer demand is only possible with a workforce that is willing to adjust daily and perform to a high level.

  1. Ongoing training

Providing ongoing and up to date, high level training is vital to make sure security guards deliver the best services possible, particularly in a changing environment. Delivering a mixture of training courses on new regulations, along with mandatory customer service training, are some of the ways NPB Security ensures all staff are a step above the rest.

Comprehensive COVID-19 training sessions have been provided to staff, including specialised lessons on methods to remind the public of the importance of wearing a mask, use of hand sanitisers, maintaining social distancing, as well as enforcing the SAFEWA app.

Our customer service course is designed specifically for qualified security guards in conjunction with the Australian Hotels Association and focuses on providing staff with additional tools to ensure a superior customer experience.

  1. Increased communication

At a time when the security industry as a whole is experiencing an increase in demand, making sure you have clear and timely communication with clients and staff is vital.

From new standards in hygiene practices to the rollout of State government guidelines, NPB Security is at the forefront of using technology and communication tools to make sure our workforce is always aware of the updates and attends any site prepared and ready to support our clients in meeting COVID-19 regulations and guidelines.

Comprehensive and fast communication with our guards is supported by the ability to give feedback, this ensures the opportunity to share commonly asked questions and concerns with other employees and clarify any follow up actions that have been taken.

NPB Security to keep watch at some of Perth’s highly anticipated events

NPB Security were at the frontline of holiday-period festivities and is looking forward to a number of upcoming sporting matches and events, including Fringe World Festival.

“Perth Scorchers have been playing well this season at Optus Stadium, and we are happy to make sure all fans have a safe and enjoyable experience,” said NPB Security Director, Scott Parry.

“Our professional guards will also be across a variety of venues when Fringe World Festival ignites later this month.”

The busy events period comes off the back of a highly demanding festive season, which saw people flocking to venues for Christmas parties and end of work drinks. Mr Parry said many venue owners experienced exceptionally high patronage, as well as the added pressure of mandatory contact tracing. The NPB Security team were ready to support venues and staff during this time.

“Not only were there more people out and about this festive season because international and some national borders are closed, business owners were also subject to new laws that require them to trace every person who enters the venue,” Mr Parry said.

“We are proud to be helping local businesses ensure they are doing their part in the fight against COVID-19, which also gives patrons piece of mind.”

Mr Parry added that it is a privilege being one of the only places in the world that has the freedom to gather at pubs, nightclubs, sporting arenas and even music festivals. NPB Security will continue to work hard to keep all patrons safe as we enter 2021.

What can security do to protect a mine site

Why security is critical on mine sites

On-site security and around-the-clock mobile patrols protect and secure the people, environment and assets of mining operations in an environment that can be remote and potentially dangerous. It is a challenging environment for security – the large scale combined with the variety of tasks to be carried out often makes it logistically challenging to ensure the constant guarding of assets and safety of staff.

Outsourcing a professional and experienced security company can make a huge difference to the efficiency of mining production and offer peace-of-mind. NPB Security looks at your company and provides both a specific and holistic approach to your needs, including the use of smart technology, on-site security and around-the-clock mobile patrols.

Mobile Patrols

Some mines can be surrounded by dangerous explosives while also being home to many fly-in fly-out workers. It is imperative the protection of some of the most precious assets in the world, along with high-quality every day machinery used to mine gold, copper and iron ore are watched at all times. If there happens to be theft on site it can lead to a drop in production and even the company’s shares, hence the need for high-end protection. NPB Security has more than a decade of experience guarding mine sites, particularly with mobile patrols. These vehicles are highly visible and able to cover large distances at any time of day or night. Having a security guard in a patrol vehicle is a very time effective and efficient way to ensure your site is covered. They are also fitted with in-car cameras for the recording of any suspicious activity and enable real-time reporting.

On-Site Security

There is often a large influx of people coming and going from mine sites, particularly workers. It can be useful to have a physical guard at a number of crucial points of your operation, to ensure only verified people are given access. Body cameras can also be worn by security guards to capture any illegal behaviour or unwanted visitors at your business and then supplied to your team or the police quickly.

Security are also able to facilitate drug and alcohol screenings when required and produce a timely digital report.

Responding to alarms

 With workers already experiencing long shifts and more often than not being away from their family and friends, security is able to offer a fast response to triggered alarms. If a call out is required, the guards are trained to search the premises to make sure there is no imminent threat to the safety of staff and production. If there are trespassers, then NPB Security staff are skilled and able to diffuse the situation. With the use of smart technology, instant reports can be sent that include images, video footage and GPS tracking locations.

The unique needs of each mine-site can be met by the services provided by a trusted security company to ensure your precious assets and staff are protected and monitored as requested.

NPB Security in high demand as mandatory contact tracing launches

NPB Security Guards are often the first interaction many customers will experience when they visit a pub or bar in Perth – with demand for their presence increasing as all WA venues are required to keep a resister of staff and patrons from December 5.

This will enable a quick response should there be an outbreak of coronavirus, as patron details will be recorded manually on pen and paper or digitally, by the recently launched “Safe WA” app.

NPB Security Director, David Barrett, said patrons can expect the first few weeks of the mandatory contract tracing to be chaotic.

“Many of our clients have requested an additional security guard to be present, both mid-week and weekends,” Mr Barrett said.

“The coming weeks will be a frenzy and patrons can expect lines to be much longer than usual – so prepare ahead and allow plenty of time no matter what venue you attend.

“In March there was also the need for contact tracing, and what we found was using technology was much more time consuming than the traditional pen and paper – but we hope once people have used the app a few times it will become the new norm.

“At NPB Security, all our employees will have access to an online information training session, so they are familiar with the new requirements.”

Businesses face hefty fines of up to 12 months’ prison and $50,000 for individuals, and $250,000 for a body corporate if they fail to comply. NPB Security are here to support businesses and ensure all staff and patrons are cooperative and kept safe during these times.


3 benefits of around-the-clock Security Patrols at your construction site

Mobile Patrols

Effective deterrent for theft & vandalism

The mere presence of a security guard can be a strong deterrent for vandalism and other criminal activity, particularly on large construction sites which tend to attract unwelcome visitors late at night.

But it’s not just guards who prevent intruders; the authoritative branding on patrol vehicles heightens the visibility of security and reminds would-be criminals someone is watching and willing to act at all times. Just as we all triple check our speed limit when we see a police car, those about to deface a property will think twice when they see a commanding security patrol car.

Cost-effective solution

A mobile security guard maintaining a watchful eye over valuable infrastructure assets can be much more cost-effective than traditional stand-alone guards. Trusted with covering vast and complex sites, one patrol guard in a vehicle can equal up to 10 stand-alone guards.

In the long term, guards in patrol vehicles have the ability to cover more ground and can therefore save developers and construction companies substantial costs, especially when your provider is capable of giving you more than just security – such as taking care of calling for repairs if damage has occurred on your behalf so it can be resolved as soon as possible. NPB Security are also able to ensure all generators are running on site and can even refuel them, preventing the need for a member of your staff to be on site. We can also arrange shifts so guards are present at specific times to let contractors in and supervise as needed.

Live updates & reporting

Having worked with clients in the industry since our inception, we have a wealth of knowledge of the risks and challenges associated with patrolling sites. Once we understand your specific concerns and harness a stream of data from our state-of the-art software, we can share insights into how our services are most effective on your site.

Our vehicles are fitted with in-car cameras, so If there is some form of intrusion or damage our guards can capture and record incidents as they happen. With the state-of-the art technology at the core of our business – these updates are shared in real time with clients.

For example, NPB have a highly visible presence across a number of Peet Ltd’s development sites, offering a multi-pronged approach with mobile patrols and on the ground guards. Peet receive reports anytime damage or graffiti occurs at work sites, which include images, video and GPS location so it can be easily shared within the organisation. This style of reporting also allows Peet to inform the maintenance team easily to ensure damages can be rectified in a timely manner.

Overall, the mobile security patrols offer customers who have a large construction site or business peace of mind that someone is watching their assets and making sure staff are protected. As a result, there is mitigation of damage and the costs associated.

Protecting the newest family friendly venue in the Swan Valley

Entrusted by the recently opened Bailey Brewing Co. that spans across 3.8 hectares, NPB security will keep a watchful eye over guests and staff.

The venue has opened its doors just in time for summer and boasts a family friendly environment – choosing NPB Security due to their professionalism and ability to accommodate the upmarket clientele.

Bailey Brewing Co. General Manager, Tony Williamson, praised the way NPB manage their customers in an appropriate and professional way.

“For us at Bailey Brewing Co. it is about customer service and customer experience, and NPB add value to what we offer our customers.”

“NPB’s customer service is beyond reproach in regard to how they speak to customers and sometimes disappointed customers that have not made a booking.”

“I would recommend to others to hire NPB Security as it is an all-in approach for customer service – not just security,” Mr. Williamson said.

NPB Security are pleased to be offering their expertise to the team at Bailey Brewing Co. and we look forward to seeing you and your family there soon!

4 Reasons your Business should hire a Security Guard

We are living in a very uncertain economic climate and with everything involved in running a business, sometimes safety and security can slip the mind of management. However, there are huge benefits to having the presence of a security officer either on site at your business during operations, or monitoring the premises after hours. Not only will on-site security ensure your business and assets are safe, it also contributes to a better customer experience.

Still not sure if on-site security is necessary for your business? Here are our top four reasons to consider hiring a security firm.

  1. Reduction of theft and vandalism

Whether a business is seeking to protect retail assets or equipment on a construction site, or minimise graffiti and vandalism, we know that the presence of a security guard is a very strong deterrent for people looking to steal or deface property. Managers and staff are likely busy attending to customers and focused on making sales, so the attendance of a trained guard offers an extra set of eyes and ears. Our security personnel are constantly on watch for suspicious behaviour and are trained to act immediately and operate in a professional way if they notice something out of the ordinary.

NPB Security can offer a digital record of all site data, showcasing how many thefts or incidents have been stopped, and how much money we have in turn saved for each client. For example, one of NPB’s shopping centre customers chose to not have guards at their centre for a period of 6 months. During this time, they experienced an increase in crime and damage to the building, and in turn their insurance costs increased. The customer has now returned to us, with theft and vandalism activity lowered along with their insurance overheads.

If your company is worried about a building or construction site being vandalised after hours, then a mobile patrol can be of great benefit. A mobile service means guards are able to cover large areas in a vehicle and can spot check if they suspect an incident is happening or has already occurred. We employ high-end technology to alert clients to the movement of each guard on site via GPS tracking. We can also capture videos and images to send to clients immediately once they notice something has happened, to support incident reporting.

  1. Improved customer service and staff support

It is no secret that a good experience at a venue will mean customers are left happy and more likely to return. Whether at a retail venue, event, or on a mine site, security guards are often the first point of contact and interaction for staff or customers, so creating a positive experience is essential. At NPB we ensure all of our guards complete Australian Hotels Association recognised training in customer service, meaning every customer or staff member will be greeted by polite, professional and authoritative guards who go above and beyond to deliver great service.

An on-site security presence is important for businesses that have customers or staff members leaving a venue late at night and walking to vehicles. Security guards are able to provide great customer service for businesses to ensure their employees and guests are protected and get home safely.

Trained security guards are also able to act as first responders in an emergency situation, with training in how to operate Automatic External Defibrillator equipment and how to perform potentially life-saving CPR. This provides an extra layer of reassurance that your staff and customers are in safe hands.

  1. Rapid response to issues

Alarm systems can act as a good deterrent for criminals, and in this day and age most companies have them installed. However, an alarm only works well if someone responds to it. An on-site security presence can provide an immediate response to an alarm being triggered, checking and securing a premises quickly and effectively. If damage has occurred, NPB Security can provide real-time updates, and assist with arranging immediate short-term repairs to windows and doors until more permanent repairs can be completed. This professional and prompt response allows operations to return to normal as soon as possible, reducing profits lost.

An on-site security presence can also assist after hours with phone calls, taking enquiries for maintenance, or assisting customers with information and venue access – at hotels, for example – at any hour of the night, so staff can get the rest they need.

  1. Organised record keeping

To be as efficient as possible and reduce the amount of paper used within a workplace, security firms are able to update clients on incidents, locations and any other requested information in a digital format. For instance, NPB Security employs a state-of-the-art digital reporting system developed over more than 10 years of experience. This system not only leads to better transparency – giving customers the ability to track guards’ movements on their property via GPS – but also offering real-time information and accurate incident reports in an easy to read format.

A new element of NPB’s digital system is data collation, which allows customers who have multiple venues in one area to receive access to trends that are occurring on a weekly or monthly basis across all premises. This facilitates more effective business decision-making for things such as how many security personnel to hire on particular nights.

There you have it – our top four factors to keep in mind when deciding if you need to hire a security guard for your business. Overall, security is a great investment and can help protect not only your staff, but also ensure your assets are safe.

3 Things you should expect from your Security Firm in the Digital Age

We live in a world where technology can tell us virtually anything – from who’s at the front door to when we can expect a delivery to arrive. When it comes to knowing how your security firm is protecting your business, you should expect the same level of personalised information in real time.

As a Director at one of Perth’s most trusted security providers, I know the sector in great detail. In my opinion, there are three key things that clients should seek from their security services provider in the digital age.

Customised digital reporting systems

It’s hard to believe that it was once the norm to print out documents, hand-write sensitive information and begin the slow process of faxing clients ‘immediate’ updates. Fortunately, technology has improved significantly, and we can now expect the paperwork we send and receive to be far more time efficient and secure.

At NPB we recognise the important role technology plays in the security space. More than a decade ago, we started building an integrated digital reporting system to provide our clients with an easy onboarding system and customised reports. For example a client can provide us with the exact document they need to capture and we can ensure we record all the information they need to keep track of and then provide a detailed report. In the past 12 months alone, our system has recorded more than 1,200 incidents; each time an incident is recorded, a real-time notification is sent to the relevant client to update them instantly – certainly a far stride from the humble fax! The system also allows us to log payroll and rosters for our employees, leading to far more efficient operations.

In the modern environment, we all expect to have customised information and data at our fingertips. For this reason, your security provider should be using the latest technology or, like NPB, building a bespoke system to assure you the job is being done well at all times.

24-hour patrols and capabilities

While the protection of digital assets is now a primary focus for many organisations, ensuring the safety and security of brick and mortar infrastructure remains critical to the survival of most. You should expect your security provider to safeguard those assets around the clock, because many of us would rather not have to get up in the middle of the night to check if our office, site or venue is safe.

Digital monitoring systems help detect and report incidents. Combined with our mobile patrols, they provide peace of mind and reassurance to managers, senior executives and owners that assets are in the best possible hands, with rapid updates available on actions being taken to address an incident. In addition to common security checks and incident follow-ups, these systems and patrols assist with actions such as calling NPB staff to assist with hotel and motel inquiries after hours, and alerting construction companies to critical maintenance works.

Increased transparency

Trust is an integral part of any good business relationship, and when it comes to working with a security company it is essential that you can trust your provider is doing a good job and acting in your best interests – especially when you’re not watching. Once again, this is where a digital reporting and monitoring system becomes critical. It’s your way of knowing your provider is doing the specific job they’re employed to do and not taking any shortcuts.

NPB’s custom-designed software includes a number of features to alert clients when we are on site, exactly where our staff are, and the actions they are taking. For instance, if an NPB Security mobile patrol officer is out on site for a client, that client can track the patrol’s precise location and time of arrival. Reports are backed up with GPS data, allowing the areas that have been patrolled to be openly available for clients to see, and our staff can upload pictures or video footage to share any concerns. This system assists with decision-making and offers peace of mind and increased transparency into exactly what service is being provided.

So there you have it – my top three considerations for hiring or reviewing a security firm in the digital age we live in.

This leads me to announce that NPB will soon launch an exciting new feature for all our clients, to help in identifying security trends within their company. Make sure to stay in touch with NPB on LinkedIn, as we’ll be sharing more details soon!

How demand has increased for Security Guards and Crowd Controllers in WA despite COVID-19

There has been a huge influx of patrons to hospitality venues throughout Perth hotspots, leading to an increase in demand for security services. Since Western Australia eased lockdown restrictions and bars and restaurants re-opened to the public, NPB Security’s average working hours have slightly increased. This is mainly due to customers flocking to venues throughout Fremantle, Northbridge and the Perth CBD earlier to beat long lines.

The hospitality sector is thriving from more people spending their cash locally. While fewer people are allowed in the venues due to capacity limits, they are often spending a higher amount per person, instead of saving their pennies to spend interstate or overseas.

One of NPB Security clients, Universal Bar co-owner Trevor Candido, said the NPB team are always professional and have been extremely helpful during COVID-19.

“The level of compliance is a lot higher than usual on a number of fronts and controlling the queue outside is more of an issue as we have restricted numbers inside the venue and social distancing is required,” Mr Candido said.

“We have also seen our patrons spending around 15% more each when they visit us, I think this is mainly due people being unable to travel outside Western Australia.”

“NPB Security guards have great presentation, the company is very organised, making our lives a lot easier knowing things will be taken care of in a professional manner.”

“Their team also send us digital copies of the required COVID-19 hygiene and Responsible Service of Alcohol certificates, which alleviates piles of paper.”

“NPB’s digital reports are also a huge advantage and we look forward to seeing what is next for NPB Security,” added Mr Candido.

Incident reports have increased in recent months, however this is in proportion with the higher number of customers within a venue.

What will be interesting for clients in the coming weeks is NPB’s new integrated digital reporting software which will be able to reveal industry trends. For example, those who own multiple venues in an area will have access better insights to assist them to make viable business decisions.


*Universal Bar is Perth’s most awarded live entertainment venue.
Without a doubt Northbridge’s most iconic bar, the Universal Bar at 221 William Street has been the home of live entertainment in Perth for 20 years. Open Wednesday to Sunday, the bar features some of Perth’s top bands, best cocktails and great times in an intimate setting. Interested in holding a function? Check out their website!

Why adding to the Customer Experience is more important than ever.

It doesn’t matter the event type or venue, we can all remember an instance when someone has gone ‘above and beyond’ to make our time memorable. As a director of a security business for more than a decade now, I know firsthand how important it is to provide the best possible customer service and support, and how critical these factors are to survival for our clients-.

Why is it worth investing in customer experience?

Regardless of what industry a business operates in there are always opportunities for customer interaction, and first impressions really matter. As many people can attest to, a positive first impression has long-lasting effects, leading to a strong and loyal customer base.

When it comes to security for your business, the impression our employees have on your venue or retail outlet is crucial. Often security guards are the first and last interaction your customers will have when they are at a bar, event, retail outlet, etc. so it is vital that the customer experience element is unprecedented.

At NPB Security it is clear that customer experience and matching the right person for the job are important for our clients. We have received great feedback from a number of our clients and also the general public about how we made a positive difference. This in turn has led to our clients returning to us again and again or referring us to others because they trust we can provide the best service possible.

This is also backed up by research which suggests that 86 per cent of customers are willing to pay more if it means they receive a better overall experience. It’s worth investing time and money in well trained staff, processes and technology as tools to help your business retain clients and increase revenue in the long term.

How can you achieve exceptional customer experience?

Our view at NPB Security is that delivering excellent customer experiences is a long-term investment in our business. It starts with our team: we invest in our people because they’re working on the front line for a wide range of venues and businesses and in turn our clients are appreciative of the exceptional level of service they provide.

Our people, like yours, have the ability to do and share things that can enhance the relationships we have with clients. Because we recognise this, we ensure that every one of our team members is trained in a course we designed specifically for our company with the Australian Hotel Association. This is an investment that may seem nonsensical to some people, given the multitude of courses already on the market, however we believe that our business is unique, and we want to ensure that the customer experiences we provide are just as unique and special.

When you invest in your people and their training, don’t forget the basics:

– Watch out for those small moments where you can make someone feel special.
For example, a young colleague of mine at NPB Security received praise after he helped an elderly lady down the stairs of a venue while he was on duty. It didn’t take anything more than the initiative and awareness to jump in and help – something he learned at training.

– Make sure the first interaction you have with a customer is a positive one.
It makes a huge difference if there is a smile on your face and you have a professional visual appearance. Once again, security officers are imperative to the overall experience patrons have at an event or venue because they are often the first person a customer will mingle with.

– Always let the patron have their say.
This applies regardless of whether the input they want to share is positive or negative. Offering a listening ear despite the circumstances will make a huge difference to the experience customers have and often security guards are able to voice concerns and feedback to the venue or business they are working for.

How can you tell if the customer experience you provide is excellent?

– It might be obvious, but the best way to understand if your company has the experience ‘x-factor’ is to ask! Whether it’s a follow-up email or an old-fashioned phone call, ask your clients to share their feedback on the customers experiences your organisation and staff provide. This might not be something you’re inclined to do, but it can go a long way – remember, everyone likes to have their say.

– Whether it’s your company’s Facebook page or a Google review, the digital space is many people’s modern go-to for sharing their experiences. It’s important to respond publicly to feedback online – whether negative or positive – to demonstrate that you care about your customers’ experiences and the reputation of your business.

– It’s important to know what your staff think about the customer experiences your business provides – at the end of the day they’re the ones delivering these experiences. If your people are happy, enjoy their work environment and are well trained, that will radiate into good customer service.

The path to great customer experiences is worth the financial investment, with research revealing that it costs about five times more to attract new clients than to retain existing ones. On average, research suggests that 70 per cent of satisfied customers and clients will return to use your service again!

Since implementing our tailored customer experience training at NPB Security, we have noticed a considerable increase in positive feedback from our clients and the general public. If you’re at all unsure about the standards of service you’re providing to customers and clients, I strongly recommend you look at some avenues to gain better insights that can inform positive changes – a step in the right direction that no business will regret.




Hard work, technology and sisterly love: NPB celebrates the keys to success at its 10th anniversary

As Perth based Security Company, NPB Security reaches its 10-year anniversary, and founding directors David Barrett and Scott Parry look back over the decade, they say it’s been a long ride and a roller coaster.

Both agree that COVID-aside, the first couple of years were probably the toughest.

2010: Going it alone

Says Scott: “We had been working at the same security company, we were sitting at the Queen’s Hotel having a few beers, and we decided to give it a crack.

“We were in for a bit of a rude awakening. We did a lot of cold calling, made up proposals which we’d drop on prospective clients and we were fortunate to get a couple of clients start us off. But we expected people to come flocking because we’d been in the business and knew a lot of people. That didn’t happen.”

Through patience and perseverance, however, they were able to push through.

Continues Scott: “Fortunately a few clients decided to take a punt – the Mount Henry Tavern, The Grosvenor, Adventure World – clients who are still with us today. Then we had our first real break when a venue called the Breakwater signed us up. Its owner was a very well-known guy who had a lot of sway around town and through his endorsement, we got a real foot in the business.”

“And a leg,” says Dave.

2013: Sister Act

By year two, NPB (an anagram of surnames) started to fly with the Company snaffling up the Little Creatures contract and winning the 2013 Telstra Business Award for Best Start-Up business.

Dave credits winning the highly coveted Business Awards to some deft work by his sister who was working part time at NPB after a stint overseas.

“We never thought we’d win but my sister filled out about 40 pages of paperwork, then the Judge came to interview us and she must have liked what she saw because we won!”

The company now employed about 200 people and the next milestone was winning the contract for the Subiaco Oval (then known as Patersons stadium).

Scott picks up: “It was still difficult to win these major events because we were still considered a new company. No-one wanted to take the risk. We tendered the first time and didn’t win, then it was tendered again the next year, with huge competition from the eastern states, and we got it second time around.”

2014: The technological touch

Dave says NPB’s adoption of new technology had a lot to do with this win and the traction that followed.

“We’ve always maintained a customized operations system, a digital system that a local programmer built for us. It allowed us to roster staff when other companies were still using Excel spreadsheets. We could also onboard staff in a few hours opposed to a few days.

“Then we became ISO-certified and we were able to get better at monitoring the efficiencies of the business. It was a bit tedious at first but we quickly found our form and used it to access government tenders and win wider business.”

2015-18: Winning the WACA (and everything else)

The ISO certification was an asset to winning the company’s first government tender with VenuesWest, says Dave.

“That win delivered us the Mobile Security contract for HBF Arena, and the AK Reserve precinct – incorporating HBF Stadium, WA Athletics Stadium and the Bendat Basketball Centre – as well as HBF Park, SpeedDome, Gold Netball Centre, Champion Lakes Regatta Centre and Motorplex.

“In simple terms we are securing their assets and responding to alarm activations after business hours at their sites around WA.”

Now on a roll, the mobile division quickly snapped up additional clients including real estate developer, Peet, and Christ Church Grammar.

By 2015, and with its reputation growing, NPB won the WACA security contract after another competitive and highly charged tender process giving it a hat trick of “Colosseums.”

“By then we were seen for what we are,” says Scott. “We were authentic and distinctive – especially with our orange branding – and we led from the front in everything we were doing.”

Over the past five years, NPB has gone from strength to strength winning the WA Hospitality Supplier Awards from 2015-18 and expanding its workforce to more than 1200 employees. It has contracts spanning a raft of sectors including retail, government, mining and construction, and the work continues to diversify.

2020: The changing of the guard

The company has ramped up work across the retail sector with teams working for clients including Woolworths, BWS and Rebel Sport, and contracts in construction and mining have evolved so the Company now oversees activities such as random drug and alcohol testing.

The work role of the security guard has definitely changed over the past decade, Scott says.

“It’s not just about providing a security presence anymore. These days, we play the role of a responsible host and the whole team are attuned to the value of customer experience. You have to offer more these days – and we do.”

Victory lap

With this sparkling track record, you would think that the duo would be out there celebrating NPB’s diamond anniversary.

Dave: “Look, we’ve been extremely busy with reopening of phase 3 and 4 COVID restrictions, and Optus, so we had a low key celebration. Scott and I went out to visit some of our original clients and give them gifts. It was fun catching up with clients we have grown up with and looking back over the last 10 years. Plus, there were a few sneaky drinks along the way.

“The girls from Artrage, the Fringe World Festival, asked us if we were enjoying our victory lap around town. That made us giggle.”

As for the next 10 years, Dave says he and the business are primed and well prepared.

“I’m only 39,” he laughs. “There’s plenty left in the tank.”

Perth patrons overjoyed as they flood back to venues

As hospitality patrons flood back to Perth venues, frontline security staff are reporting an increase in incidences caused by “over-exuberant” patrons.

Director of NPB Security, Scott Parry, whose firm oversees safety across more than 100 major venues, says that while most crowds are well behaved a few customers have had exhibited some over-exalted behaviour which was higher than pre-COVID levels.

“Although we expected people to be happy about returning to their favourite bars and restaurants, a few were a bit too overjoyed, that kept our teams busy. We had to spend a bit of time with a few patrons to get their blood pressure back down,” said Mr Parry.

Despite a few excitable customers, Mr Parry says NPB’S Security crowd controllers reported good vibes and happy people at venues such as Northbridge Brewing Company, Bar Lafayette, and The Rechabite.

The only other issue to emerge has been a delays caused by tracing requirements.

“Some venues have been trialing digital options, which from our experience have proven to be slower than having people hand-sanitise and fill out a form on a clipboard.”

Despite these few hiccups, venue operators are welcoming the resumption in trade.

Sandbar Owner, Ben Randall, says his Scarborough Beach business, which employees about 50 staff, couldn’t wait to start welcoming more patrons back.

“We are simply glad that we’re now getting back to somewhere near normal.”

Mr Randall joined the AHA (WA) CEO, Bradley Woods, in welcoming the news.

“WA’s hospitality industry has paid a heavy financial price to keep Western Australians safe and as they reopen, they do so in a way that prioritises patron safety.”

Mr Parry added that all of NPB’s employees have completed hygiene training, social distancing and contact tracing protocols, and they have also gone a step beyond what is traditionally expected of security staff.

“Our security team are 100 per cent focused on improving the customer experience at hospitality and entertainment venues like the Sandbar. We see our security teams a bit like concierges, with the responsibility to meet and greet and offer assistance wherever needed.”

Since the coronavirus started, Mr Parry says NPB Security has been highly sensitive to the role its hand-picked teams play in ensuring COVID-19 safety

“Our teams have been trained to prioritise safety at every level but they have also been taught to go out of their way to deliver a positive customer experience. We are, at the end of the day, the safety end of the hospitality service industry.”

Crowd control warning as hospitality sector reopens

As hospitality businesses prepare for a staged return to operations in coming months, security firms are urging them to consider how to control crowds and manage ongoing safety issues.

Perth-based NPB Security’s co-director, David Barrett, says it is welcome news for the hospitality sector, but managing social distancing requirements and number limits could be problematic.

“A lot of venues are just not designed in a way that allows patrons to maintain 1.5m between each other,” Mr Barrett said.

“If you look at some of the problems that occurred in the retail sector when restrictions started to be put into place, you can only assume there’ll be some challenges encouraging crowds to abide by new rules in bars and other venues designed for socialising at close quarters.”

Mr Barrett said during the early stages of COVID-19 restrictions, incident reports from security personnel at retail outlets increased exponentially.

“It was like nothing we’d ever experienced before,” he said.

“People were obviously in panic mode and that was leading to incidents like 16-year-old checkout operators being verbally abused and threatened.

“The number of incident reports we were receiving rose from less than 20 a week to hundreds a day.”

Mr Barrett said it was a similar story for most security firms around the country as restrictions came into force and continued to change over time with little notice.

With no standard procedures or training modules in place to deal with such unprecedented changes, many security firms had to implement their own.

“We had to come up with training for something that no one had ever experienced before and the general public was in a similar situation, having to adapt to a way of life that they were completely unfamiliar with,” he said.

“That was happening as we were all getting our heads around the seriousness of this virus and fear was growing all the time. People can behave quite irrationally when they’re being driven by fear and uncertainty.”

For Brendon Sim, director of CBD venues Bar Lafayette and W Churchill, while there is some optimism among hospitality business owners, there are still many unknowns ahead.

“As soon as the bars reopen, people will think the cabin fever is over and will come back with a vengeance expecting to enjoy an afternoon or evening out,” Mr Sim said.

“The problem is that bars, pubs and clubs are not designed for social distancing but to fulfil venue capacity, which will create ongoing challenges.

“Walk-ins and queues at the doors will be very hard to manage with number limits and social distancing requirements, let alone people inside venues when there are restrictions on where they can be, how long they can be there or who they can be with.

“It’s a situation that will require very careful and visible crowd control, but we’re all bleeding from the loss of revenue after being closed, we will have limited turnover for a long time to come, and many in the sector will struggle with the costs of adequately managing these new restrictions.”

Mr Sim says he has the option to operate as reservation-only venues, but many operators would need more information before they could make informed decisions.

“Commercial kitchens and bars are not designed to operate at 50 per cent capacity – it’s an expensive and time consuming process to get them functional so we need a lot more certainty before we decide to open at all,” he said.

“While it is a good thing that we can start to open our doors again, it’s going to be a long and costly exercise to do so, and there are so many unknowns ahead.

“We’re going to need a lot of ongoing government support to cover the costs of crowd control while turnover remains limited.”
Mr Barrett believes that while there will no doubt be challenges as restrictions are relaxed, business operators, security personnel and the general public will be far better placed to adapt.

“The experiences gained in going into this thing will be valuable to help us come out of it,” he said.

“We’ve mandated that all our staff need to complete the AHA’s COVID-19 course that’s been put into place, and everyone now has some experience in dealing with staged changes, so I’m predicting a more seamless transition back to some sense of normality.

“But people are going to get excited about pubs and clubs reopening, and when excitement and alcohol are combined, security issues can arise.

“However, just like we’ve seen in the retail sector, most customers will adjust to the changes and settle into a new way of doing things.”

“Spirit of the Fringe Award”

NPB Security are proud to announce one of our crowd control team members, Brigitte, last night won the “Spirit of the Fringe Award” at this years FRINGE WORLD Awards Ceremony.

Check out the video to see what the award encompasses and why she won.

Brigitte, as the presenter, Amber said you are “awesome, the best and someone who will always make sure you are ok” you deserve the recognition! So glad to have people like you representing us, we are proud of you here at NPB Security!

To read more about the FRINGE WORLD Awards Ceremony and its winners please visit the offical media release from the festival at this link


NPB Security spreading some Christmas cheer in Perth

NPB Security donated a boot full of turkey, ham and bacon to ensure those in tough circumstances can celebrate Christmas with a decent meal.

Our client provides support for the homeless people as well as those at risk of becoming homeless and struggling families. They provide a safe environment in which support, advocacy and referral can be provided.

Meals are provided free of charge with light refreshments. People do not require a referral to access the service and can also see the community centre link team, mobile GP, street lawyer and individual disability advocate service – All free of charge.

It’s an amazing initiative to help those in need.

Merry Christmas!

NPB Security