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A passion for protecting others – Meet our Security Start star Alisha

Working as a security guard is highly versatile; it may be a full-time endeavour, a great way to supplement your income, or a part -time venture to make money while studying.

NPB Security created their Security Start Program to assist those wishing to enter the field. The program offers trainees financial support to secure a Security Officer Licence and, upon completion, guaranteed employment with NPB Security. This is a common barrier for those wanting to enter the industry.

Mother of four Alisha Samuel is one of the latest participants to complete the program and commence work as a guard in areas of crowd control and retail. A fulltime stay-at-home mum for a few years, Alisha was ready to get back into the workforce. Specifically, she wanted to give back to society through her love and passion for protecting others.

“I’ve always been one to put myself in the firing line when it comes to protecting others. Hence why I wanted to make a career out of it,” Alisha said.

“Thanks to my husband, who also works for NPB Security, I was eager to throw myself into the deep end to follow my passion.”

Faced with distressing situations growing up, Alisha has taken these negative experiences and turned them into a positive one. She uses her history as a strength to make a difference in an industry that supports and challenges her.

At NPB Security, Alisha has the opportunity to pursue her passion. Director David Barrett said Alisha made an immediate impact at NPB Security and he noted her admirable strength and determination.

“Alisha has been with us for a month and a half, she is a natural for the job. She is confident and friendly but strong and decisive when she has to be,” he said.

“There is a perception that security work is only for large, muscley men. However, this couldn’t be further from truth and Alisha is the epitome of a fantastic security guard.

Alisha is proud to be a female in the security industry and encourages those who are interested, to go for it.

“Women are an asset to the security industry, and we need more women to get involved. A female’s touch can go a very long way,” she said.

“NPB Security offers inductions and training which have supported me immensely with my confidence and knowledge of the industry. It’s a rewarding industry that needs more women.”

Alisha highlighted NPB Security’s supportive and welcoming culture, making it hard not to love her job.

“Everybody at NPB Security have been incredibly helpful. We are like one big family who look out for, protect and support each other to reach personal goals.”

NPB Security is committed to making meaningful changes to the industry, ensuring the best available service for their clients.

Security work is a great option for those looking for a flexible career. If you know someone who might be interested more information about our Security Start Program is available here.

Safety in security – Meet our Security Start participant Wafiy

Last year, we launched our Security Start Program as way to financially assist and encourage those looking to get started in the security industry.

The significant upfront costs to become a guard is often a deterrent, so we created a pathway that provides financial assistance for a select number of participants. This enables them to obtain their Security Officer Licence, while also guaranteeing a position at NPB on completion.

Thanks to CORE Security Group, participants are receiving the highest quality training to ensure they are prepared to enter the security workforce. As a fellow Western Australian business, NPB is proud to be working with CORE who are enabling us to successfully deliver the Security Start program.

Wafiy Omar is one of the latest participants to complete his course and commence work as a guard. When considering a second job to earn an additional income, Wafiy came across the Security Start Program. He reached out to his cousin who works for NPB, submitted his application and was selected to participate.

“If it wasn’t for David [NPB’s Director] and my cousin, I wouldn’t be in the situation I am,” Wafiy said.

“They have given me a very good opportunity to use it as a second income and have the chance to choose it in future as a full-time career.”

“I said to my partner recently that I’m so glad I got a security licence because there are so many jobs in the security industry and it has just opened up more opportunities for me. I’ve used security as a safety net, because I think it’s quite a big industry.”

Customer service is at the core of security work, and is something Wafiy enjoys delivering to patrons, drawing on his previous roles in sales and recruitment.

“I really enjoy the customer service side of things, I use my skills and experience to understand the customer’s situation, and then go from there,” Wafiy said.

“I also like to keep people safe in a customer service kind of way, not in a way where I am tough security guard, by drawing on my skills such as first aid, while keeping the venue safe.”

When considering whether to join the hospitality or security industry, the decision was made easy knowing there was no upfront financial commitment required with Security Start.

“The program is a good start to get you in the industry, it’s very hard to fork out $1,500 out of nowhere. NPB gave me a great opportunity to test the security industry and decide if I want to get into it as a full-time career,” Wafiy said.

Wafiy is a major advocate for the Security Start program and is currently assisting a former colleague to submit his application.

“It’s a great way to get started in an industry that is really peaking at the moment.”

“I’m still promoting Security Start. Going through the program with NPB is a good way to know if you like the industry or not, and you’ve got nothing to lose, so if you don’t like it, you just pay back the cost of the course.”

As Wafiy highlighted, the industry continues to grow with no signs of slowing down.

“We need security people everywhere, not just in clubs and nightclubs, but also in corporate areas, the airports, hotels, construction and mining,” Wafiy said.

“There is so much work out there, it’s an industry that’s never going to die.”

In addition to supporting those looking to commence work as a guard, NPB Security is trying to strengthen the industry in WA following unprecedented demand for security services.

Security work is a great option for those looking to earn a second income. If you know someone who might be interested more information about our Security Start Program is available here.

Security Start Success Story – Meet Steve Waddams

NPB launched their Security Start Program earlier this year as a way to help those looking to get started in the industry, with the significant upfront costs a common deterrent.

The pathway provides financial assistance for a select number of participants, enabling them to obtain their Security Officer Licence, with a guaranteed position at NPB on completion.

58-year-old Steve Waddams is the first person to complete the course and commence work with NPB Security. Having worked in a variety of roles over his career, in what he refers to as an ‘eclectic background’, Steve was in search of a new opportunity that provided stability and a decent income.

Now a qualified guard and working regularly with NPB’s client Dan Murphys, we caught up with Steve to find out about his experience of the program and how he is finding his new role.

Q. Why did you sign up for Security Start?
Steve: Firstly, it would guarantee that I would have a career. Even though I’m 58, it’s never too late to start something new.

 Security Start also appealed to me because it offers to pay for the course, which I’m then able to repay at a reasonable rate from my salary. It is a very helpful way to get started in the industry.

Q. What do you like about security work?
Steve: I love meeting people! Being a security guard means you can meet and greet people from all different backgrounds. I can chat with probably anyone on any level, so although you are in a position of authority, I find the job can be done in a very friendly and polite manner.

Q. How have you found working for NPB?
Steve: Excellent, I have really enjoyed it. They’ve given me as much work as I can handle and there is a great support network at NPB. I know the operations team work incredibly hard to please everyone.  They give you a lot of thought, crafting rosters to suit you – which is fantastic.

 Q. Would you encourage others to participate and how easy was the process?
Steve: Yes – I have already been encouraging plenty of people.

NPB use integrated training which makes it very easy, even for people like me who haven’t been in the classroom environment for 45 years. I was encouraged by Scott and David to take the opportunity and was given loads of confidence. I would highly advise anyone from 18 years of age to 65 to investigate the program and see if the training would suit them.

Q. Is there anything else you would like potential participants to know?
Steve: I think people should know about the support network at NPB. There is no I in team, from colleagues, to management, operations to reception, everybody has been ever-so-helpful. They are happy to share their own time to pass on advice, knowledge, and expertise, and I really do feel like part of the team and family working for NPB.

 Dave and Scott are very approachable as employers, as approachable as any colleague that I chat with, so they should be commended on that!

NPB Security is dedicated to making meaningful changes to the industry, ensuring the best available service for their clients. Several positions remain in the Security Start program. If you are interested, you can find out more and consider applying

International Security Officers’ Day 24/7

International Security guard day

Wishing the NPB team a happy International Security Officers’ Day. The 24th of July is an opportunity to recognise and thank those working behind the scenes to keep us safe.

24 July is a day which reflects on the demands of security work that see our team on shifts throughout the day and night. An initiative by the Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL), International Security Officers’ Day is now celebrated across the world including in Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, China, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Macau, India, Singapore, United Kingdom and Thailand.

NPB Security want to acknowledge the occasion by sincerely thanking our diligent and committed team of more than 2,000 security officers working across Western Australia 24/7.

It has been a busy year for the team at NPB as we come to terms with the effects of COVID-19. The demand for guards has grown significantly, required not only to protect and oversee assets and buildings, but a shift in demand towards the health, safety, and wellbeing of people throughout the State.

NPB guards have been diligent in the way they have gone about work during this time, whether that be upskilling, diversifying or undertaking courses to ensure our clients receive the best service possible.

The dedication and professionalism of our team is reflected in the way they have gone about these extra challenges and hours. Our guards carry out their responsibilities with pride and enthusiasm. We were delighted when we received this comment on social media recently:

“I wanted to say your employees here are doing an outstanding job.

 They are professional but most importantly being kind and friendly to people in an environment that can be stressful for some. It’s a fine balance to have authority and let people feel at ease. Great job 👏🏻

 Working in security is a rewarding career, yet few recognise the sacrifice made by guards. Whether it’s putting themselves in harm’s way or working tiresome hours, they are always there to protect the public from danger or offer a helping hand.

If you see our team members in action this weekend at Optus Stadium, in venues across Perth, at your local shopping centre or on the road in one of our mobile patrol vehicles, be sure to thank them for their efforts. And don’t forget to congratulate your colleagues on their work over the last year #thankyousecurityofficers.

If you’re passionate about people and safety, a career in security could be for you. Apply with NPB Security here.

NPB Security celebrates partnership with Indigenous-owned business for Reconciliation Week

Dream Time Game

NPB Security were proud to work at Optus Stadium over weekend when Perth hosted the AFL’s highly anticipated Dreamtime match in the Sir Doug Nicholls round.

The annual match recognises and celebrates First Nations players and culture and falls in National Reconciliation week. It marks a time for all Australians to learn about our shared histories, cultures, and achievements, and to explore how we can contribute to achieving reconciliation in our country.

To mark the occasion NPB engaged Australia’s largest Indigenous-owned workplace supplier, Kulbardi, to design and create a lanyard for their guards, featuring an indigenous design.

Kulbardi have supplied our uniforms for several years, so it was a great opportunity to recognise our long-term partnership and a chance for NPB to acknowledge the traditional owners of the land

The image on the lanyard features black and white elements coming together on the Earth.

It’s a small gesture, but one which encourages our staff to have positive conversations about reconciliation.

We are proud to work with Australian company Kulbardi, who reinvest part of their proceeds to their community investment fund. The Bibbulmun Fund invests in community projects and initiatives designed to support, encourage and inspire Indigenous communities across Australia.

Our staff really enjoyed working at the sold-out event, which has only left its Melbourne home once before.

It was fantastic to see our guards wearing the lanyards at Saturday’s game, and we expect to see a lot of them continuing to wear them after the weekend.

NPB Security launch Security Start Program

NPB Security are dedicated to making meaningful changes to the industry, ensuring the best available service for their clients.

The significant upfront cost required for guards to become accredited can be a deterrent  for those looking to get started in the industry.

This has given rise to NPB’s ‘Security Start’ program, which will assist ten lucky people with finance to cover the cost of a Certificate II in Security Operations and the associated licences.

NPB Director David Barrett said it was about getting the right people into the industry.

“This allows us to deepen the recruitment pool, provide the best staff and fulfil our clients’ needs,” Barrett said.

“Upon successful completion of the required training and licensing, guards will be guaranteed priority employment with NPB Security.”

“New staff members will be provided with enough shifts to enable the loan to be repaid within three months.”

With a growing, diverse client base, NPB are able to provide staff specialising in the retail, event and hospitality sectors.

Several requirements must be met to be considered for the program. Candidates must:

  • Be over the age of 18
  • Be legally permitted to work in Australia
  • Be fit and of good character (two character references are a requirement of security officer licencing)
  • Hold a current National Police Clearance
  • Hold a current driver’s licence; and
  • Own a smartphone.

To be considered for this opportunity, individuals will need to complete the application form, which can be found in the link below. All applications received will be reviewed and assessed fairly.