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NPB Security Celebrates Fringe Festival Partnership

NPB Security is proud to have supported another successful FRINGE WORLD Festival, with the popular event wrapping up last month.

Presented by not-for-profit ARTRAGE, the annual FRINGE WORLD Festival offers an array of entertainment for all age groups, including circus, cabaret, comedy, music, dance, theatre, film and visual art.

ARTRAGE Partnerships Manager Cassandra Jordan said despite a tough year in the face of Omicron and the heatwave, the 2022 Festival was a success, featuring 453 events across 113 venues.

“We are very grateful to have been able to offer our community 31 days of world-class entertainment, and for the more than 1,900 participating artists, the Festival has been a bright light after many months of cancelled and reduced opportunities due to COVID-19,” Cassandra said.

“Numbers are still being crunched, but the 2022 Festival is on track to achieve ticketed attendance of 230,000, which is an increase from 2021 Festival of 220,000. More than $6.4 million will be spent at the box office in 2022, an increase from 2021 where $5.9 million was spent.”

A highlight on the social calendar for many West Australians, Cassandra said FRINGE WORLD Festival is an event that allows thousands of artists to annually perform and achieve their goals.

“Audiences at FRINGE WORLD are very diverse, including mainstream audiences that rarely engage with the arts. This has a positive flow-on effect for the wider arts and cultural scene, with 88 per cent of audiences agreeing that they are more likely to attend more arts events in the future after their visit to FRINGE WORLD,” Cassandra said.

“For artists, the event is an opportunity to play to a big audience and 86 per cent of artists agree that FRINGE WORLD is an important presentation platform for their work in WA.”

Passionate about supporting local and community-based events and organisations, Director Scott Parry said the partnership with FRINGE WORLD is one NPB values immensely.

“We’ve been with Fringe from the very beginning, so it’s a partnership we hold in high regard,” Scott said.

“We provided guards in 2011 for the pilot year and have continued to service Fringe since. In 2016, NPB Security became an event partner, solidifying the importance of the partnership.”

FRINGE WORLD Festival is a highlight on the calendar for the entire NPB Security team.

“There is genuine excitement amongst the group during FRINGE WORLD Festival, our team love to get involved and even promote events themselves,” Scott said.

Cassandra said working with local businesses is a priority for FRINGE WORLD Festival.

“NPB has supported FRINGE WORLD Festival from the beginning. Without this support and the support from our other partners, the Festival would not have been able to grow to the well-loved iconic event it’s become,” Cassandra commented.

There isn’t much down time for the team at ARTRAGE, with 2023 planning commencing concurrently with the closing of the 2022 Festival.

“We are reviewing survey results, data and debriefs to inform our planning for next year’s Festival so that we continue to improve the event for the benefit of our artists, audiences and partners,” Cassandra said.

The last few years have been incredibly testing for not only FRINGE WORLD Festival but the arts and culture sector more broadly, following the huge impact of COVID-19.

“The 2021 event was impacted by a lockdown and capacity restrictions which had a significant financial impact for ARTRAGE and the participating artists,” Cassandra said.

“The 2022 Festival was impacted in a different way, particularly because the border control changes meant that 72 events were unable to be presented.”

“That said, we are proud of what we have achieved with the 2022 Festival and are grateful for the enthusiasm of our audiences, who were rewarded by experiencing the passion, energy and uniqueness of the Fringe entertainers’ talents.”

Be sure to visit a FRINGE WORLD Festival event next year and support the incredible talent within Western Australia. Find out more about FRINGE WORLD Festival here.