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Security company of choice for the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare professionals in Australia provide critical services to support and improve the health and wellbeing of the population. They regularly make sacrifices for the good of others, however disappointingly, they often face external challenges that hinder their ability to focus on patients. Now more than ever, it is essential to invest in a thorough healthcare security programme to minimise incidences in sensitive settings.

NPB Security Australia is experienced in providing collaborative and integrated security solutions to the healthcare sector, including private and public providers, assisting to effectively manage the safety of patients, visitors and employees.

Providing crowd management, customer service, asset protection and safety at WA COVID-19 vaccination centres, NPB Security has established a trusted relationship with the Department of Health.

Recently, NPB Security was employed to support the East Metropolitan Health Services (EMHS) with security. Our guards act as a visible deterrent, protect staff, visitors, and property, as well as assisting in managing difficult situations and persons when required.

Currently, services are primarily utilised in Mental Health areas and Emergency Departments to assist in handling patients or family members in crisis.

“Given the dynamic environment of a health setting, especially Emergency Departments there is often a need to call upon externally contracted guards at short notice, to provide cover for various shifts and sites,” said NPB Security’s Director David Barrett.

“Our team has received extensive security training and is well equipped to provide appropriate assistance when required,” he said.

Security officers are required to complete EMHS course training and undergo additional preparation with NPB Security. This training allows guards to learn practical skills and strategies to manage safety hazards and provide advice effectively and independently.

NPB Security also offers around-the-clock in-house security teams as part of this service. Staff deserve to feel safe at work and having a constant security presence provides this reassurance. WA Country Health Service (WACHS) is another client using NPB’s 24-7 security guard patrol services to supplement their in-house security teams when required.

NPB Security is pleased to offer our expertise to the Healthcare industry, from supporting medical staff, assisting health providers caring for the homeless, to asset protection and static guard services for the Department of Health.