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Security company of choice for the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare professionals in Australia provide critical services to support and improve the health and wellbeing of the population. They regularly make sacrifices for the good of others, however disappointingly, they often face external challenges that hinder their ability to focus on patients. Now more than ever, it is essential to invest in a thorough healthcare security programme to minimise incidences in sensitive settings.

NPB Security Australia is experienced in providing collaborative and integrated security solutions to the healthcare sector, including private and public providers, assisting to effectively manage the safety of patients, visitors and employees.

Providing crowd management, customer service, asset protection and safety at WA COVID-19 vaccination centres, NPB Security has established a trusted relationship with the Department of Health.

Recently, NPB Security was employed to support the East Metropolitan Health Services (EMHS) with security. Our guards act as a visible deterrent, protect staff, visitors, and property, as well as assisting in managing difficult situations and persons when required.

Currently, services are primarily utilised in Mental Health areas and Emergency Departments to assist in handling patients or family members in crisis.

“Given the dynamic environment of a health setting, especially Emergency Departments there is often a need to call upon externally contracted guards at short notice, to provide cover for various shifts and sites,” said NPB Security’s Director David Barrett.

“Our team has received extensive security training and is well equipped to provide appropriate assistance when required,” he said.

Security officers are required to complete EMHS course training and undergo additional preparation with NPB Security. This training allows guards to learn practical skills and strategies to manage safety hazards and provide advice effectively and independently.

NPB Security also offers around-the-clock in-house security teams as part of this service. Staff deserve to feel safe at work and having a constant security presence provides this reassurance. WA Country Health Service (WACHS) is another client using NPB’s 24-7 security guard patrol services to supplement their in-house security teams when required.

NPB Security is pleased to offer our expertise to the Healthcare industry, from supporting medical staff, assisting health providers caring for the homeless, to asset protection and static guard services for the Department of Health.


A passion for protecting others – Meet our Security Start star Alisha

Working as a security guard is highly versatile; it may be a full-time endeavour, a great way to supplement your income, or a part -time venture to make money while studying.

NPB Security created their Security Start Program to assist those wishing to enter the field. The program offers trainees financial support to secure a Security Officer Licence and, upon completion, guaranteed employment with NPB Security. This is a common barrier for those wanting to enter the industry.

Mother of four Alisha Samuel is one of the latest participants to complete the program and commence work as a guard in areas of crowd control and retail. A fulltime stay-at-home mum for a few years, Alisha was ready to get back into the workforce. Specifically, she wanted to give back to society through her love and passion for protecting others.

“I’ve always been one to put myself in the firing line when it comes to protecting others. Hence why I wanted to make a career out of it,” Alisha said.

“Thanks to my husband, who also works for NPB Security, I was eager to throw myself into the deep end to follow my passion.”

Faced with distressing situations growing up, Alisha has taken these negative experiences and turned them into a positive one. She uses her history as a strength to make a difference in an industry that supports and challenges her.

At NPB Security, Alisha has the opportunity to pursue her passion. Director David Barrett said Alisha made an immediate impact at NPB Security and he noted her admirable strength and determination.

“Alisha has been with us for a month and a half, she is a natural for the job. She is confident and friendly but strong and decisive when she has to be,” he said.

“There is a perception that security work is only for large, muscley men. However, this couldn’t be further from truth and Alisha is the epitome of a fantastic security guard.

Alisha is proud to be a female in the security industry and encourages those who are interested, to go for it.

“Women are an asset to the security industry, and we need more women to get involved. A female’s touch can go a very long way,” she said.

“NPB Security offers inductions and training which have supported me immensely with my confidence and knowledge of the industry. It’s a rewarding industry that needs more women.”

Alisha highlighted NPB Security’s supportive and welcoming culture, making it hard not to love her job.

“Everybody at NPB Security have been incredibly helpful. We are like one big family who look out for, protect and support each other to reach personal goals.”

NPB Security is committed to making meaningful changes to the industry, ensuring the best available service for their clients.

Security work is a great option for those looking for a flexible career. If you know someone who might be interested more information about our Security Start Program is available here.

NPB Security’s after-hours hotel service

Staying at a hotel is a time to relax and unwind for many quests, but how do you ensure their comfort and safety during their visit?

A hotel’s reputation is decided largely on the guest experience and investing in security services plays a central role in ensuring guests feel safe. It also shields owners from the expenses and reputational damage that may result from criminal activity.

From the moment a guest walks through the door, they expect around the clock assistance to ensure they have a positive and safe stay. Delivering this guest experience will leave them more inclined to make a second visit and share the experience with others.

NPB Security Australia is experienced in providing around-the-clock support at several of Perth’s most popular hotels, motels, and apartments. It’s a service NPB Security has been providing for the last seven years, after recognising a gap in the market for external security providers.

As part of this offering, NPB Security can provide a dedicated off-site phone service or a concierge-style security service on-site. Utilising NPB Security when your reception is unmanned offers clients a cost-effective solution, while still ensuring the safety of your guests.

“Our guards can be on-site or a phone call away when your guests need help,” said NPB Security’s Director Scott Parry.

“Whether they’re having trouble checking-in, accessing their room or have a security concern, we prioritise their calls,” he said.

Aligning with a private security company can help a hotel create a highly effective security program led by well-trained, experienced security personnel. NPB Security’s after-hours services include:

Late Arrivals: if guests are arriving late at night and struggle to access the building, their room or other amenities, you can rely on us to protect your guests and provide the customer care needed for a positive and memorable stay.

Guest support: When 24-hour reception is not an option, guests can notify NPB Security of their issue, and we will provide the assistance needed.

After-hours security: By providing after-hours security for your hotel, guests can sleep soundly knowing their accommodation is as safe and secure as possible. If an incident occurs, a direct number can be called for help or advice.

Crime prevention: Our after-hours security presence will prevent criminal activity on your premises.

Mobile Patrols: You can divert your reception calls to our patrol personnel, who can respond rapidly to any queries or requests for help.

Our highly qualified guards undergo extensive customer service training, particularly at our call centres, to ensure your guests always receive a high level of service.

NPB Security meeting Mining demand

Mine sites present a range of security challenges, from unauthorised entry at the gatehouse to vandalism and stealing. Security can also be an issue when your workforce is living in a neighbouring community close to the mine site.

These challenges have been recognised by multiple Western Australian mining companies who are now outsourcing to NPB Security Australia. With an industry-diverse portfolio and highly qualified staff, NPB Security is experienced in safeguarding mining operations.

 Director David Barrett said NPB Security’s ability to deploy staff promptly makes an immediate impact for mining clients.

“Our workforce is made up of experienced guards with expertise across multiple industry sectors. This means we can mobilise staff rapidly to address issues on site,” David said.

“Guards increase safety and security on site immediately, enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring a secure workplace around mines located in WA.”

NPB Security guards have also been involved with gatehouse security in WA’s North, supervising the main access point for contractors and employees to enter and exit the site. Duties on the gatehouse involve access control and observation, drug and alcohol testing, vaccination certificate checks, truck load examination, vehicle checks and inductions before entering the site.

“Having a physical guard at the front gate is critical to ensuring that only those with access are allowed onto a site,” David said. “It also demonstrates your commitment to providing a safe and secure work environment, and assists in minimising hazards, risks and accidents associated with unauthorised personnel being on site.”

 The efficiency of mining production may be improved by outsourcing a professional and experienced security company. NPB Security offers a tailored and comprehensive solution to meet the individual needs of clients and their sites, utilising a mix of services to provide a holistic approach to security including cutting-edge technology, on-site security, and round-the-clock mobile patrols.

You can count on NPB Security Australia to handle all your security requirements thanks to our diverse range of security services, experience, and expertise.

NPB Security recognised at 2022 AHA Supplier Awards

NPB Security has received two awards at the 2022 Bankwest Hospitality Supplier and Legends Awards hosted by the Australia Hotels Association (AHA) of WA. Held at Crown Towers Perth, NPB received WA’s Best Hospitality Service Provider and Best Small Bar Supplier.

The annual awards seek to recognise outstanding suppliers, promotions, products and services in the Western Australian hospitality sector.

Director David Barrett said it was an honour to receive these awards and that recognition must be shared with the NPB team.

“Without the resilience and dedication of our valued team members, NPB Security would not be the business it is today,” David said.

“We would like to recognise our staff for their loyalty and thank them for supporting the business during COVID-19 and beyond.”

“I’d also like to acknowledge our clients, suppliers, the AHA WA and our competitors, who pulled together and supported each other in many different ways throughout this challenging period.”

It is no secret that many industries faced extreme hardships during COVID-19, with local businesses in the hospitality industry facing complete closure. Director Scott Parry said NPB Security felt the flow-on effect of this and resulted in the company refining its operations.

“NPB had to reinvent its business model in order to respond to the new demands and business practices that have come into effect,” Scott said.

“Our operations have adapted to meet new needs and opportunities including expansion nationally into the South Australian market. Additionally, we expanded our footprint in a sectors such as retail, government, call centres and mobile patrols.”

NPB also recognises how difficult the COVID-19 period has been for their client’s. It was through working collaboratively and their ongoing support that the business has had continued success.

“Our clients have faced similar issues and learning how to effectively understand their needs and work on how we can provide the best solution has been critical in navigating a tough labour market,” Scott said.

NPB is proud to be this year’s Best Hospitality Service Provider and Best Small Bar Supplier and would like to thank the Australia Hotels Association of WA for this recognition.

Security Services making an immediate difference

NPB Security’s services were recently deployed to discourage a spree of criminal activity at a large industrial site in the Perth Airport Estate.

Spanning over 12-hectres and comprising several industrial buildings, the site was suffering from repeated trespassing, theft and property damage.

Director David Barrett said the client approached NPB to deliver a combination of security services to deter this unwanted behaviour and prevent damage to the site.

“Our team’s presence made an immediate impact, with someone apprehended on NPB’s first shift,” David said.

“Our guards are trained to act immediately and operate in a professional way, liaising and assisting the police to ensure the trespasser was caught.”

NPB implemented an onsite guard and mobile patrol service in conjunction with CCTV management and retrieval to ensure the large site could be monitored effectively overnight and throughout the weekends.

NPB partnered with Perth’s leading surveillance system provider, Site Sentry to deliver this service. Strategically placed, the Site Sentry camera towers provide NPB with the ability to monitor the entire site, not just when the guard is on patrol. The system will alert our guards to any motion detected via mobile devices kept on person and in the car, enabling them to see what is happening through the camera in real time.

Guards can attend the area immediately after a tower activation, as opposed to the section remaining unchecked for a period of time during a routine patrol.

Flood lights and sirens are activated on the towers to alert the intruder that they have been identified. An innovative part of the technology is the ability for guards to verbally communicate through the towers’ speakers and advise trespassers to leave before the police arrive.

Mobile Patrols are an efficient security solution featuring authoritative branding on vehicles, heightening the visibility of a security presence and reminding would-be criminals that someone is watching. Fitted with in-car cameras, patrol vehicles record any suspicious activity and enable real-time reporting. They also cover large areas, which is particularly valuable for industrial sized properties and construction sites.

NPB employs a state-of-the-art digital reporting system, leading to better transparency by giving clients the ability to track our guards’ movements on their property via GPS, while also offering real-time information and accurate incident reports in an easy-to-read format.

This combined offering gave our client peace of mind that their assets and property were safe under NPB’s watch. As a result, there has been a reduction in trespassing, and the costs associated with property damage.

NPB Security takes the time to understand how your company operates and develops a customised solution to address all of your security concerns.

NPB Security Launch in South Australia

NPB Security has expanded our operations into South Australia, meeting the demand for quality security providers in the State.

Based in Adelaide’s CBD, NPB is offering the same exceptional client service with a focus on delivering the highest level of customer service, combined with smart technology and well-trained staff.

For more than ten years, NPB Security has delivered professional security services across Western Australia in the retail, construction, local government, industrial, events, and commercial sectors. The move into South Australia is the first step towards NPB providing security services Australia wide.

South Australian Operations Manager Sam James said the opportunity to grow the business came from one of our leading national clients who required security support for their expanding operations in Adelaide.

“We’re pleased to be able to meet the needs of our national clients and deliver high quality security services in South Australia,” Sam said.

“We offer a complete suite of retail security services ranging from static guards, site security and CCTV management and retrieval for clients including Woolworths and BWS.”

“Our team of flexible and committed staff have ensured a smooth transition into Adelaide, supporting clients with our trademark levels of superior customer service.”

The expansion is a welcomed opportunity for NPB Security, enabling us to grow with the needs of our clients and remove the added pressure of finding a trusted provider to safeguard their business.

As operations continue to grow in South Australia, NPB is servicing an increasing number of clients in retail and construction industries, as well as offering concierge security for several hotels.

NPB Security is pleased to be able to offer our expertise to the South Australian market, and we look forward to growing our footprint in the State.

NPB Security Celebrates Fringe Festival Partnership

NPB Security is proud to have supported another successful FRINGE WORLD Festival, with the popular event wrapping up last month.

Presented by not-for-profit ARTRAGE, the annual FRINGE WORLD Festival offers an array of entertainment for all age groups, including circus, cabaret, comedy, music, dance, theatre, film and visual art.

ARTRAGE Partnerships Manager Cassandra Jordan said despite a tough year in the face of Omicron and the heatwave, the 2022 Festival was a success, featuring 453 events across 113 venues.

“We are very grateful to have been able to offer our community 31 days of world-class entertainment, and for the more than 1,900 participating artists, the Festival has been a bright light after many months of cancelled and reduced opportunities due to COVID-19,” Cassandra said.

“Numbers are still being crunched, but the 2022 Festival is on track to achieve ticketed attendance of 230,000, which is an increase from 2021 Festival of 220,000. More than $6.4 million will be spent at the box office in 2022, an increase from 2021 where $5.9 million was spent.”

A highlight on the social calendar for many West Australians, Cassandra said FRINGE WORLD Festival is an event that allows thousands of artists to annually perform and achieve their goals.

“Audiences at FRINGE WORLD are very diverse, including mainstream audiences that rarely engage with the arts. This has a positive flow-on effect for the wider arts and cultural scene, with 88 per cent of audiences agreeing that they are more likely to attend more arts events in the future after their visit to FRINGE WORLD,” Cassandra said.

“For artists, the event is an opportunity to play to a big audience and 86 per cent of artists agree that FRINGE WORLD is an important presentation platform for their work in WA.”

Passionate about supporting local and community-based events and organisations, Director Scott Parry said the partnership with FRINGE WORLD is one NPB values immensely.

“We’ve been with Fringe from the very beginning, so it’s a partnership we hold in high regard,” Scott said.

“We provided guards in 2011 for the pilot year and have continued to service Fringe since. In 2016, NPB Security became an event partner, solidifying the importance of the partnership.”

FRINGE WORLD Festival is a highlight on the calendar for the entire NPB Security team.

“There is genuine excitement amongst the group during FRINGE WORLD Festival, our team love to get involved and even promote events themselves,” Scott said.

Cassandra said working with local businesses is a priority for FRINGE WORLD Festival.

“NPB has supported FRINGE WORLD Festival from the beginning. Without this support and the support from our other partners, the Festival would not have been able to grow to the well-loved iconic event it’s become,” Cassandra commented.

There isn’t much down time for the team at ARTRAGE, with 2023 planning commencing concurrently with the closing of the 2022 Festival.

“We are reviewing survey results, data and debriefs to inform our planning for next year’s Festival so that we continue to improve the event for the benefit of our artists, audiences and partners,” Cassandra said.

The last few years have been incredibly testing for not only FRINGE WORLD Festival but the arts and culture sector more broadly, following the huge impact of COVID-19.

“The 2021 event was impacted by a lockdown and capacity restrictions which had a significant financial impact for ARTRAGE and the participating artists,” Cassandra said.

“The 2022 Festival was impacted in a different way, particularly because the border control changes meant that 72 events were unable to be presented.”

“That said, we are proud of what we have achieved with the 2022 Festival and are grateful for the enthusiasm of our audiences, who were rewarded by experiencing the passion, energy and uniqueness of the Fringe entertainers’ talents.”

Be sure to visit a FRINGE WORLD Festival event next year and support the incredible talent within Western Australia. Find out more about FRINGE WORLD Festival here.

Safety in security – Meet our Security Start participant Wafiy

Last year, we launched our Security Start Program as way to financially assist and encourage those looking to get started in the security industry.

The significant upfront costs to become a guard is often a deterrent, so we created a pathway that provides financial assistance for a select number of participants. This enables them to obtain their Security Officer Licence, while also guaranteeing a position at NPB on completion.

Thanks to CORE Security Group, participants are receiving the highest quality training to ensure they are prepared to enter the security workforce. As a fellow Western Australian business, NPB is proud to be working with CORE who are enabling us to successfully deliver the Security Start program.

Wafiy Omar is one of the latest participants to complete his course and commence work as a guard. When considering a second job to earn an additional income, Wafiy came across the Security Start Program. He reached out to his cousin who works for NPB, submitted his application and was selected to participate.

“If it wasn’t for David [NPB’s Director] and my cousin, I wouldn’t be in the situation I am,” Wafiy said.

“They have given me a very good opportunity to use it as a second income and have the chance to choose it in future as a full-time career.”

“I said to my partner recently that I’m so glad I got a security licence because there are so many jobs in the security industry and it has just opened up more opportunities for me. I’ve used security as a safety net, because I think it’s quite a big industry.”

Customer service is at the core of security work, and is something Wafiy enjoys delivering to patrons, drawing on his previous roles in sales and recruitment.

“I really enjoy the customer service side of things, I use my skills and experience to understand the customer’s situation, and then go from there,” Wafiy said.

“I also like to keep people safe in a customer service kind of way, not in a way where I am tough security guard, by drawing on my skills such as first aid, while keeping the venue safe.”

When considering whether to join the hospitality or security industry, the decision was made easy knowing there was no upfront financial commitment required with Security Start.

“The program is a good start to get you in the industry, it’s very hard to fork out $1,500 out of nowhere. NPB gave me a great opportunity to test the security industry and decide if I want to get into it as a full-time career,” Wafiy said.

Wafiy is a major advocate for the Security Start program and is currently assisting a former colleague to submit his application.

“It’s a great way to get started in an industry that is really peaking at the moment.”

“I’m still promoting Security Start. Going through the program with NPB is a good way to know if you like the industry or not, and you’ve got nothing to lose, so if you don’t like it, you just pay back the cost of the course.”

As Wafiy highlighted, the industry continues to grow with no signs of slowing down.

“We need security people everywhere, not just in clubs and nightclubs, but also in corporate areas, the airports, hotels, construction and mining,” Wafiy said.

“There is so much work out there, it’s an industry that’s never going to die.”

In addition to supporting those looking to commence work as a guard, NPB Security is trying to strengthen the industry in WA following unprecedented demand for security services.

Security work is a great option for those looking to earn a second income. If you know someone who might be interested more information about our Security Start Program is available here.

Security services that suit

Security services continue to evolve and adapt in order to meet the needs of businesses and individuals.

Most people are aware of what a security company can offer, with a guard at the front of a store, mobile patrols through local suburbs, protection for a construction site or safeguarding attendees at events among the most common duties for guards.

But have you considered the additional array of tasks that your security guard may assist with at your site?

Carramar Village and Yanchep Central Shopping Centres recently acquired the services of NPB Security. Providing the usual retail services of loss and crime prevention, incident management and ensuring a safe working environment for staff, we also worked with the client to develop a more comprehensive service that alleviates the property manager of several tasks.

A significant role our guards now undertake is the induction of any contractor or maintenance personnel visiting the centre. Client Relations Manager Mohamed Ibrahim said this is a service NPB can offer due to a consistent staff roster, which is becoming an increasingly common request from clients.

“We’ve been able to create a roster where the same team member works during the week and another across the weekend,” Mohamed said.

“It’s something that I’m very proud of because it makes a lot of difference to the client. Our guards become familiar with customers and staff, they get to know the site inside and out, and can take a lot of pressure off the property manager.”

Our customised digital reporting system provides clients and staff with a simple onboarding process and allows for the creation of customised reports to meet the specific needs of each individual client. NPB guards utilise this technology to monitor and assist with CCTV, including the retrieval of footage, risk assessment and issues management.

Photographic, video and written documentation of any incidents for police reports and insurance purposes are uploaded to this platform along with the proactive reporting of any maintenance, security or safety issues identified during a shift. This reporting data can be accessed instantaneously by the client via NPB’s digital reporting platform.

Shift consistency gives the client confidence in our guards to perform additional tasks and in turn, becomes a more efficient practice for the property manager.

“Our guards are already at the centre full time, so training them to do tasks like inductions means the property manager, who isn’t based at the centre, doesn’t have to make a special visit to carry out a short induction,” Mohamed said.

Understanding the unique needs of each client and site allows NPB Security to provide a service offering tailored to suit.